This brawler eats foes for lunch, using the glamorous side of the class with rage and focus.

Bonuses: Higher attack per dexterity, higher health per vitality, and higher damage per strength
Mana gen: Mana gain when hit
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Shields
Weapons: Swords, and Axes

Gladiator - Focus: Absorb Damage Focus: Absorb Damage - Focusing on armor will cause less damage taken than normal.

Gladiator - Deal Damage Focus: Deal Damage - Focusing on damage will cause more damage dealt than normal.

Gladiator - Focus: Rage Focus: Rage - Focusing on rage will cause more rage gained than normal.


Gladiator - Savage Strike Savage Strike - A powerful attack causing extra damage to the enemy and with a higher chance of landing a crushing blow.

Gladiator - Enrage Enrage - Annoys nearby monsters who will be more likely to attack you than others.

Gladiator - Cleave Cleave - This attack damages 2 foes at once.


Gladiator - Crushing Blow Crushing Blow - Increases your chances of hitting a crushing blow and causing maximum damage.

Gladiator - Berserk Berserk - A quick, powerful attack more likely to hit the enemy with extra damage, but also leaves you vulnerable and easier to hit for a few seconds.

Gladiator - Blood Lust Blood Lust - Mana refills more quickly.


Gladiator - Rupture Armor Rupture Armor - Damages the enemy's armor. Can use up to 4 times on same foe.

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