This protector uses the healing gift to sustain themselves and sometimes others during battle.

Bonuses: higher mana per spirit and higher mana regen per spirit
Mana gen: Prayer skill
Armor: Cloth and Leather
Weapons: Staffs and Maces

Din's Curse - HolyboltHolybolt - Projectile that causes holy damage.


Din's Curse - PrayerPrayer - Renew mana faster while praying.


Din's Curse - Lesser HealLesser Heal - Heal yourself or another quickly.


Din's Curse - Cure PoisonCure Poison - When you are poisoned this will lessen the damage the poison does over time


Din's Curse - PrecisionPrecision - Improves your aim, causing you to hit your target more often.


Din's Curse - Area HealArea Heal - Heal yourself and any friends in the area.


Din's Curse - Greater HealGreater Heal - Heal yourself or another with the most efficient use of mana.


Din's Curse - Holy StrikeHoly Strike - Strike your foe with a holy lightning bolt.


Din's Curse - Holy SymbolHoly Symbol - This holy attack damages all enemies in range.


Din's Curse - Holy ShieldHoly Shield - This magical shield absorbs all damage until the max damage is absorbed or the spell time ends.

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