This champion has learned a variety of the arcane arts, and has many battle strategies hidden in belt pouches.

Bonuses: higher mana per intelligence and higher mana regen per intelligence
Mana gen: Higher mana gain from mana potions and drinks
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Din's Curse - Blinding FlashBlinding Flash - Blinds all nearby enemies for a moment.


Din's Curse - Armor MeltArmor Melt - Damages enemy's armor making them easier to hit.


Din's Curse - Magic ShieldMagic Shield - This magical shield absorbs all damage until the max damage is absorbed or the spell time ends.

Din's Curse - Deep ThoughtDeep Thought - Increases your max mana.


Din's Curse - Arcane FocusArcane Focus - Increases chances of dealing critical hits and crushing blows from your magic for a moment.


Din's Curse - EvasionEvasion - Improves your ability to evade an attack.


Din's Curse - TeleportTeleport - Teleports you to the selected location (where your mouse cursor is pointing to).

Din's Curse - Arcane BlastArcane Blast - This attack causes magic damage.


Din's Curse - Arcane SwarmArcane Swarm - Multiple magical energy bolts choose random targets.

Din's Curse - Arcane DrainArcane Drain - Drains an enemy's health for a moment.

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