This guardian totes heavy armor with ease while using the power of the gods to maim the unjust.

Bonuses: higher health per vitality, higher mana per spirit, higher damage per strength, and higher mana regen per spirit
Mana gen: Mana gain on blocks and parries
Armor: Cloth, Leather, and Shields
Weapons: Maces

Din's Curse - ZealZeal - An attack with extra damage and chance to get a crushing blow.


Din's Curse - Shield MasteryShield Mastery - When using a shield, you receive a defense bonus.


Din's Curse - Shield BashShield Bash - This shield attack will stun your enemy.


Din's Curse - Mace MasteryMace Mastery - Improves mace combat performance.


Din's Curse - Mail ArmorMail Armor - Can wear any mail armor.  Each skill level makes your armor more efficient.


Din's Curse - RegenerationRegeneration - This spell regenerates your health for a while.


Din's Curse - Stunning BlowsStunning Blows - Increased chance of landing stunning blows, which stun the enemy for a moment.


Din's Curse - Crushing BlowCrushing Blow - Increased chance of landing a crushing blow, which automatically causes the maximum damage for that hit.


Din's Curse - SmiteSmite - A powerful attack with lingering damage for a moment.


Din's Curse - BraveryBravery - Extra defense and chance of hitting for you and your friends for a little while.

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