This berserker strikes fast and hard, enjoying turning demon power into speedy kills. (Demon War expansion)

Bonuses: higher attack per dexterity and higher damage per strength
Mana gen: Mana gain on kill
Armor: Cloth, Leather, and Mail
Weapons: Axes and Swords

Din's Curse - Plate Armor skillPlate Armor - Can wear plate armor. Each skill level makes your armor more efficient.


Din's Curse - Two Handed Mastery skillTwo-Handed Mastery - Improves combat performance with edged two-handed weapons (axe and sword)."


Din's Curse - Unholy Strike skillUnholy Strike - Demonic power added to your strike causes its own damage while slowing the victim."


Din's Curse - Fire Strike skillFire Strike - A short, demonic fire attack harms all enemies in its path.


Din's Curse - Breach skillBreach - Finds vulnerable spots in armor and bodies.


Din's Curse - Charge skillCharge - With increased movement speed, attack and damage, you’re ready to charge into battle.


Din's Curse - Ravage skillRavage - Damages up to three enemies in one attack.


Din's Curse - Terrorize skillTerrorize - Scares all enemies in range, decreasing their combat effectiveness.


Din's Curse - Wampir Blood skillWampir Blood - Throws poisonous wampir blood on all nearby enemies, causing damage over time.


Din's Curse - Rampage skillRampage - For a short time you become deadlier in combat.

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