This air specialist electrocutes foes with command over lightning and other magic.

Bonuses: higher defense per dexterity, higher mana per intelligence, and higher mana regen per intelligence
Mana gen: Stored Lightning skill
Armor: Cloth and Capes
Weapons: Staves

Din's Curse - Lightning BlastLightning Blast - A blast of lighting.


Din's Curse - Chain LightningChain Lightning - A blast of lightning that can chain from one victim to the next up to 3 times.

Din's Curse - Ball LightningBall Lightning - A ball of energy shoots lightning bolts at your enemies for 10 seconds. The specified damage is spread over 5 lightning bolts.

Din's Curse - ThunderboltThunderbolt - Blast of thunder damages your enemy.


Din's Curse - Lightning SwarmLightning Swarm - Looses a bunch of lightning bolts that move randomly. Each skill level increases the number of bolts by 1.

Din's Curse - Shock WaveShock Wave - This powerful wave of air has a good chance to stun your foes.

Din's Curse - TornadoTornado - A huge swirling wind of death traps targets and hurts them.  Damage specified occurs over 5 seconds.

Din's Curse - Gaseous FormGaseous Form - Change your form from a solid to a gas, making you very hard to hurt. This does not let you move through objects though.

Din's Curse - Stored LightningStored Lightning - Save mana in this mana stash. The first cast stores 167% of the specified mana as lightning.  The second cast returns the stored lightning to your mana pool.  Both casts cost the mana specified.

Din's Curse - Lightning MasteryLightning Mastery - Enhances the following lightning skills: Lightning Blast, Chain Lightning, Ball Lightning, and Lightning Swarm.

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