This bruiser goes straight for the kill, an expert in various weapons.

Bonuses: Higher attack per dexterity and higher damage per strength
Mana gen: Mana gain on successful hit
Armor: Cloth and Leather
Weapons: Maces, Swords, and Axes

Weaponmaster - Power Strike Power Strike - A powerful attack causing extra damage to the enemy.

Weaponmaster - Whirlwind Whirlwind - Spreads pain to multiple opponents, up to 5 within range.

Weaponmaster - Devastating Blow Devastating Blow - A very powerful attack, all of the warrior's mana channels into one mighty blow.

Weaponmaster - Adrenaline Adrenaline - Speeds up your attacks for a moment.


Weaponmaster - Perfect Strike Perfect Strike - A powerful attack with a higher chance of hitting your target.

Weaponmaster - Arms Mastery Arms Mastery - Improves combat performance with any weapon.


Weaponmaster - Sword Mastery Sword Mastery - Improves sword combat performance.


Weaponmaster - Axe Mastery Axe Mastery - Improves axe combat performance.


Weaponmaster - Mace Mastery Mace Mastery - Improves mace combat performance.


Weaponmaster - Bleed Bleed - Hits are more likely to cause deep wounds.

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