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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - very positive
Or, to put it yet another way, I prefer Din’s Curse to Torchlight. Pop that in your pipe and smoke it.
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Bytten - 95%
It says a lot that I meant to finish this review tonight and got distracted for an hour by "research"!
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Armchair General - 90%
In fact, I’ll make this bold statement about Din’s Curse: if Diablo III doesn’t have at least a matching save-the-town dynamic, or sense of urgency and satisfaction, I may be sorely disappointed with it.
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No High Scores - very positive
And there is no question, at all, that I’d rather play Din’s Curse than Torchlight. Not that Torchlight is a bad game but Din’s Curse has proved significantly more valuable. It’s really not even close.
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leetNEET - 9/10
All I can say is, buy this game. You owe it to yourself to dive into an RPG that's this deep, and yet so accessible.
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Lan Raiders - 90
If you are after one of the best gameplay experiences, providing you are a fan of RPG’s then there is no question that this game is right up your street and is the Godfather of RPG’s in my eyes.
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Furious Fan Boys - very positive
Each one is unique, like a snowflake.  A really dangerous snowflake… with sharp edges… filled with monsters.  Illusory walls, cave-ins, traps, obstacles and bonus giving objects litter each level.
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RPG Codex - very positive
It's fantastic: the 'Diablo with dungeons that fight back' moniker is wholly justified.
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Gear Diary - very positive
To put it simply, it takes everything from the original and makes it bigger and better and a richer and fuller experience!
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Gamercast - very positive
Demon War is an expansion to the curiously addictive indie dungeon crawler Din’s Curse that we recently reviewed after we could tear ourselves away from it.
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Hooked Gamers - 84
What I particularly enjoy about Din’s Curse is the feeling of constant peril caused by traps in each dungeon and the constantly evolving world which can see any number of events randomly occurring at any time.
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GameDwellers - 4/5
If you love a good dungeon crawl in a constantly evolving world where your choices will actually affect the layout of the land in the aftermath then I say go for it.
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RandomNPC - 8
Supported by strong and versatile gameplay, the central mechanic turns a by-the-numbers hunt for better gear into a tense, engaging, and meaningful dungeon crawl.
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If you’re looking for something much more different from a typical hack-and-slash RPG and want plenty of challenge, Din’s Curse and its expansion, Demon War, will be sure to sate your appetite for a long, long time.
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The Adrenaline Vault - 4 stars
I haven’t seen everything as of right now, and I fear I might never see it all; Demon War has a lot going on as far as playability goes, and this is a major plus for me.
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SquareGo - 4/5
Sometimes, "you can go home again", and it was an absolute joy for me to come back to review the Demon War expansion to Din's Curse for a number of reasons.
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RPGFan - 80%
Each town really does live and breathe in Din's Curse, and perhaps even more importantly, each dungeon.
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Multiplayer Hub - 4/5
One of the best new modes put in when you don’t feel like dungeon crawling is an invasion mode. Waves of monsters attack the town immediately, so it provides you something to do when you just want to fight waves and waves of enemies.
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GameFront - 80
This dynamism is what makes Din’s Curse addictive. You always want to complete one more quest, save one more townsperson, or explore one more dungeon level, because you know time is of the essence.
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Gametactics - 8
Demon War adds a lot more content to an already pretty impressive and unique game.
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Bits 'n' Bytes - Recommended!
Hell, I didn’t even make it through the one hour demo of Torchlight, despite the game’s beautiful graphics and style. So it was a very pleasant surprise to realize I was really enjoying Din’s Curse.
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Diehard GameFAN - Good Game
The real factor that sets this game apart is it’s dynamically generated gameplay.
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Addict of Fiction - positive
It’s definitely unlike any regular action/rpg I’ve ever played.
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I-Luv-Games - positive
Din’s Curse takes the elements of a good Action/RPG one step further by being contained within a dynamic, yet familiar, fantasy mold.
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...beneath its rough exterior beats the heart of an equally addictive action RPG rockin’ a strangely retro and even nostalgia-inducing vibe.

Gamers Nexus - 76
Din's Curse: Demon War continues its venture to be one of the most innovative, dynamic, and replayable dungeon-crawlers out there.
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The random feel is what gives the game its charm, as one minute you can be helping feed your villagers, while the next monsters can swarm your town, killing your salesmen off.

Malaysian Gamer - fairly positive
But when the cool bits do happen, they are awesome. I don’t recall ever seeing anything just this random and dynamic in an action RPG.
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