Reviews - 5/5
Din’s Curse is one of the finest action-RPGs out there at the moment

Bytten - 94%
The most intriguing aspect of the game is that your actions - or lack of them - lead to consequences.
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Fidgit - no score, but very positive
Din's Curse is like Diablo, but with dungeons that fight back.
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TGS - no score, but very positive
It's ridiculous how many things can happen in this game, and I mean that in a good way.
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Gear Diary - no score, but very positive
The first time I arrived after monsters were swarming the village I was shocked and thrilled – this is simply NOT how most games work.
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Gamercast - no score, but very positive
First impressions of the game will immediately bring memories of Diablo, comparisons of Torchlight, and many other dungeon crawlers; however appearances can be deceiving, Din’s Curse is a dynamic indie dungeon crawler with a lot of heart, and an addictive nature.
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techlore - no score, but very positive
All in all, Din's Curse is a fantastic dungeon crawler RPG that can and will provide infinite replayability due to procedurally generated towns, NPCs, monsters, dungeons, and loot--as well as featuring a wholly unique "living" world for you to interact in.
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Games Are Evil - A
Needless to say, I was sorry I didn’t play it sooner. If my foot could reach my ass, I would have kicked it and kicked it hard.
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Great PC Games - 9
Din's Curse is a very playable, easy to understand game that kept us coming back for more.
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Gaming Illustrated - 88%
When I booted up Din’s Curse for the first time, two words instantly sprang to mind: Diablo clone. Yet when people hear “clone” in reference to anything, it’s usually seen as a bad thing. But I’m happy to say that this is the furthest thing from the truth when it comes to Din’s Curse. Its gameplay style, randomly generated dungeons and storyline made me nostalgic for the crusades against Diablo that I went on every day when I was a kid. And while there are many “Diablo clones” out there, Din’s Curse adds a bit of something different.
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GAMING truth - 8.75
This is honestly one of my favorite PC games available on the Steam marketplace simply because it captures the essence of fantasy RPG’s while injecting its own distinct elements. I personally have had a blast with the game...
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ZTGD - 8.7
There really is a ton of depth in the character building aspects of the game. It’s possible to make 20 characters and not have a single overlap in abilities or stats.
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neXGam (German) - 8.1
Technically solid, peppered with a few quirks, the title offers many varied, with monsters contaminated dungeons, quests and loot mass, where the eye can see.
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Co-Optimus - 4/5
If you've ever wanted to be a badass warrior who wears mail armor and wields an enormous two-handed mace, but has the nimble grace and stealth skills of a rogue, this is your game.
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GameZone - 8.0
Soldak’s latest offering is Din’s Curse, which once again capitalizes on outstanding traditional mechanics while distinguishing itself among the crowd.
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Alternative Magazine Online - 8/10
I always sit down with Din’s Curse for a short ten minute play, only to look at the clock hours later wondering where the time has gone.
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The Adrenaline Vault - 4/5
Its combination of old-school RPG gameplay with a quick pace and combat that’s focused on more than just the dungeons give it the uniqueness it needs to stand out in the crowded dungeon-crawler genre.
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IndieRPGs - 4/5
A la Diablo, the dungeon is randomly generated. But so is everything else, leading to an impressively dynamic dungeon-delving experience.
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Multiplayer Hub - 4/5
I honestly sat down with the intent just to get a feel for the game first, and suddenly hours passed.
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PwnGamer - 8
Din’s Curse is a title that has brought me back to those glory days. Developed by Soldak Entertainment, Din’s Curse is an action RPG title which will have you addicted from the get go.
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GamingOgre - 80%
With that in mind Din’s Curse is still a pleasure to play and offers enough new mechanics to help differentiate it from a genre which could easily become very bland.
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Proven Gamer - 4/5
A nice addition to this game is the ability to hop online and play cooperatively with friends or strangers. This process is done with relative ease and adds a fun dynamic to the game. The iconic events that occur throughout the game can now be shared with others, making them all the better.
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inVision Game Community - 4/5
Since Blizzard released Diablo, there have been a lot of games featuring dungeons and loot collecting.  On rare occasions, one of those games is really enjoyable. Today we are looking at a one of those gems that are actually fun to play: Din’s Curse. Soldak Entertainment, an indie developer, recently brought out the dungeon crawler Din’s Curse. On first sight, the graphics might be a turn-off, but don’t be fooled; the gameplay is absolutely amazing.
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DIYGamer - no score but positive
... I will say that battling in Din’s Curse is highly satisfying. You have a wide variety of enemies and a wide variety of abilities to take care of them.
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The Nerdemic - positive
The list continues with more scenarios, but one can certainly appreciate the developers giving the player adjustments to create the perfect, unique experience.
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Game Side Story - positive
no quote, review is in French
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InternetFreaks - positive
Overall, I enjoyed Din's Curse a lot! The game really stuck with me because of its customization and randomly generated towns and things of that nature. For the low price of only ten bucks, this game provides a lot of great, high quality content that will be sure to keep you playing!
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Gaming Nexus - B-
The pace of the quests is quite fun and exciting, and really drives the game to a completely new action RPG feel.
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AusGamers - 7.7
Dynamic campaign system adds life the game world. Even each town and dungeon has its own set of special world rules.
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PC Gamer (July) - 76%
There's a rare sense that anything can happen, as you're constantly surprised by events. You can smash out support columns to bury foes under walls, monsters can escape the dungeon and invade the town, and once a single zombie wandered into a town and zombified all the NPCs inside.

PC Games and Reviews - 75%
It makes the world feel on edge, never safe and, well, awesome to be honest!
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GamingExcellence - 75%
When every game that comes out in this genre is just the same thing over and over again, Din's Curse brings a lot of new features to the table. 
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gameSlave - 75%
Din's Curse is a nice, simple, back-to-basics dungeon stomper that will keep you coming back for more. 
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Gamers Nexus - 75
Akin to our hero, Din has cursed me with an inability to stop playing long enough to write this review.
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GamersMint - 3 1/2 (out of 5)
This pacing is what makes this game unique, as you actually feel for the world rather than leisurely idling around.
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Gametactics - 7
Din’s Curse is a fun game that is very addictive with a lot of re-playability and will have players creating multiple characters and playing for hours on end.
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GDN - 7
In conclusion, if you are a fan of classic RPG’s and have the taste for adventure then you are going to get hours of great game play out this title...
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Level 42 - 3/5
Not content to just piggyback on the successes of other dungeon crawlers, Soldak Entertainment added a few new components to keep the genre fresh and interesting.
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