Alpha screenshots

We finally took some more screenshots. :) These were taken during alpha.

This shot has a few Legion ships that have launched a bunch of fighters. That's a wormhole down at the bottom. Pic details - 1352x741, 249KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

In this shot the player swooped in to help out a Cortex scout by destroying at least 3 enemies. Pic details - 1352x741, 180KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

There seems to be mines everywhere in this shot. There is one actively shooting at some ships on the left, the player seems to have just detonated two of them in the middle, and there are three more to the right. Pic details - 1352x741, 186KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

Here the player is about to feel some pain. There is some kind of incoming ballistics (green) and three incoming missiles. Pic details - 1352x741, 168KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

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