First screenshots

These are the first screenshots we have released for Drox Operative. By the time the game ships some of this will probably look different. :)

This shot has a bunch of enemy ships closing in on me and I have just destroyed one of them with a laser beam. I also just triggered a mine a little above my ship. Pic details - 1352x741, 245KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

Once again lots of action in this shot. It shows 3 different types of beam weapons. Pic details - 1352x741, 169KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

This shot shows a few enemy ships but also shows a star and a planet. Pic details - 1352x741, 210KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

Along with another beam weapon, this shot also shows two inbound ballistic type of weapon shots (think railgun). Pic details - 1352x741, 204KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

This shoot shows 3 inbound missiles. Pic details - 1352x741, 223KB.

Drox Operative - screenshot

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