Reviews - 5/5
All in all, for a super small game, at a bargin price, this is a gem.

Bytten - 92%
... Kivi's Underworld is a high quality offering which will appeal to both the more casual market and the more experienced RPG fan looking for something fun and easy to get into.
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AtomicGamer - 89%
The enjoyment factor in this hack-and-slash game alone is well worth the price if you are looking for something that is an absolute blast to play.
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Hooked Gamers - 8/10
... Kivi’s Underworld is a perfect example of why certain game genres will never completely die off. Kivi’s Underworld is a classic third person Hack and Slash with considerable cast of characters and an entertaining storyline that is reminiscent of the days of yore when Polyhedrons ruled the tabletop and DMs were a deity.
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Mac Life - 4/5
Kivi’s Underworld is a Diablo-esque romp that’s fun to play and appropriate for kids. And considering the amount of gameplay you get for $20, your wallet might be as happy as your monster-killing trigger finger.
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Your Local Guardian - 8/10
...Kivi’s Underworld is an enjoyable title that features a vast array of different levels and characters that will keep you coming back for more each time.
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Gamers Daily News - 8/10
Kivi’s Underworld is a damned fine hack-n-slash that hearkens back to gaming days of yore when you couldn’t swivel the camera and only needed a mouse, a spacebar and the enter key.
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Games32 - 80
Kivi's Underworld is bound to attract the attention that it deserves, from both casual and hardcore gamers alike.
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Indie Games blog - no score, but very positive
So imagine my surprise when I booted it up and began enjoying myself an absurd amount.
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Rampant Games - no score, but very positive
Kivi's Underworld fills the bill nicely - it's pretty, its fun, it's simple - a great little RPG that feels a little less "cutsey" than, say, Fate.
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Tea Leaves - no score, but very positive
Kivi’s Underworld is simple to play and offers hours of engrossing straightforward entertainment, for both Mac and PC.
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Casual Gamer Chick - no score, but very positive
Kivi’s Underworld is a great game for any RPG fan, but would also be a good game for someone looking to discover the magic of an RPG game.
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Gaming's Edge - no score, but very positive
Yet another Diablo clone? Guess again, wise guy. Soldak once again puts a spin on the traditional hack-and-slash, using a skill system unlike anything I've ever seen before.
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Third Party Ninjas - no score, but very positive
This is a different experience, and it’s really refreshing. ... This is a great game, and an excellent value.
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Jayisgames - no score, but very positive
As it stands though, Kivi's Underworld is an awesome addition to the Depths of Peril series and will no doubt be well-received by fans of the genre. You can have the same amount of fun in a 20-minute session that you can in two hours, an attribute that's pretty rare even in action-RPGs.
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gameSlave - 7.5 (between Pretty good and Very good on their scale)
From the desks of Soldak, the intrepid crew behind Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld is a quest-doing, dungeon-exploring adventure game, which will keep you coming back time and time again.
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neXGam - 7.5
No quote (review is in German)
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GameCyte - 3/5
Twenty characters may sound awfully close to non-casual territory, but Soldak steers clear of making things too un-casual thanks to the genius addition of single, cohesive attributes.
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Killer Betties - 3/5
It’s nice to see that in these times of financial hard knocks gamers can still pick up cheap games that are fun to play at a low cost. Kivi’s Underworld is that kind of game.
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