IncGamers Drox Operative review

We have a new review of Drox Operative over on IncGamers. Score: 9. Quote: This is the direction in which I want to see more aRPGs taken; marrying established conventions to a wider context and broader ideas. It’s tremendous stuff, and I urge everyone to at least give the demo a try. That way, when one of the big-budget aRPG releases of the future steals this concept and starts hoovering up critical adoration, you can be right there in the vanguard of smuggery saying “Of course … Soldak did it first.


Giant Bomb Drox Operative quick look

We have a quick look video of Drox Operative over on Giant Bomb. Quote: There's kinda like a whole bunch a s$%t going on here. Yes, exactly! Yes there is definitely. So... Layers upon layers here.


RPGWatch Game of the Year 2012 voting

RPGWatch is holding a vote for the best RPGs of 2012 and Drox Operative is on the indie RPG list. Help pass the word about Drox Operative by voting on the poll!


Gamesfinity Drox Operative review

We have another review of Drox Operative over on Gamesfinity. Score: 8.5. Quote: Overall I was charmed by the addictive gameplay, the deep combat system, and the diplomatic balance between the different races. Watching your ship grow from a little tiny war fighter into a massive cruiser-sized warship is rewarding, and I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys space combat games, or action RPGs. For the indie price, there is plenty of game to satisfy even the hardcore gamers among us.


Halfbeard's Hud Drox Operative review

We have another review of Drox Operative over on Halfbeard's Hud. Score: 4/5. Quote: Don’t allow your click-weary, loot collecting index finger to let you down because it thinks you have already had your fill of ARPG’s this year. I can assure you Drox Operative has saved the most original, alive and interesting experience till last.


Inside Mac Games Drox Operative review

We have another review of Drox Operative over on Inside Mac Games. Score: 8.0. Quote: – addictive, engaging gameplay, immersive and dynamic gameworlds, challenging and satisfying combat, and incredibly replayability. Those qualities hold true just as strongly to this game as they do to its predecessors.


Gamercast's top games of 2012

Gamercast named Drox Operative one of the Top Games of 2012!


GAMINGtruth Drox Operative review

We have a review of Drox Operative over on GAMINGtruth. Score: 8.75. Quote: Soldak Entertainment truly has brought a gem to the world of indie games with Drox Operative. This sci-fi RPG space sim brings a high level of replayability with an incredible level of content, allowing gamers virtually infinite gameplay that’s ever-shifting and dynamically changing — an element which is much akin to our own universe.


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