RPG France interview

We have a new interview over on RPG France. This is a French site, but the original interview in English is about half way down the page. The interview covers Drox Operative, previous games, and Soldak in general.


Drox Operative - Schism, Lasher, and Acanth

We posted 3 new monsters profiles today from our upcoming space, action RPG, Drox Operative. You can check out the Schism, Lasher, and Acanth on the Drox Operative monster page.


Random tower of games Drox interview

We have a new interview over on Random tower of games. Most of the questions cover topics about our upcoming space action RPG, Drox Operative.


Drox Operative - Drakk and Dryad

We revealed 2 more races today from Drox Operative on the Drox Operative races page. Today's races are the Drakk and the Dryad. We also updated all of the races with portraits and traits.


Indie Royale Spring Bundle

Depths of Peril is now available in the Indie Royale Spring Bundle along with Unstoppable Gorg, Tobe's Vertical Adventure, Inferno+, Slydris, and Ballistic. The bundle will only be available for a week, so go buy it now for an incredibly low price!


Bytten's 2012 Ernie Awards

Looks like Din's Curse: Demon War was awarded the Best Overall indie game in Bytten's 2012 Ernie Awards.


Drox Operative Weapons

Steven has written a new blog about Weapons in Drox Operative. Read it here.

Drox alpha screenshots

We just posted 4 new screenshots from the Drox Operative alpha over on the Drox screenshots page.


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