Kivi - Hulk and Scree

We have posted 2 monster profiles for Kivi's Underworld.  One is the overwhelming (especially since Lumen are small) Hulk (also in DoP) and the other is the cowardly, but dangerous Scree.  See both monsters profiles on the Kivi's Underworld monsters page.


First Kivi screenshots

We have posted our first 3 screenshots of Kivi's Underworld over on the Kivi's Underworld screenshot page.


Kivi's Underworld announced

We have finally announced our 2nd game, Kivi's Underworld.  Head over to our Kivi's Underworld page for a description and some of the features.  Screenshots and other things will be released soon.


DoP beta patch 1.013 available

There is a new patch available for both the Windows and Mac versions of Depths of Peril.  You can download the 1.013 beta patch from our Depths of Peril patch page.  The 1.013 patch adds a few new features requested by our gamers and modders, fixes some more localization issues, and fixes a few minor bugs.  As usual you can see the full list of changes here.


Blog updates 11

There have been a bunch of blog updates since the last front page post.  Here's the latest blog entries:

Blog updates for Steven: Piracy and DRM, Secrets suck, Credits controversy, Amusing bug #4, Talking to pirates, and Felicia Day character. Read them here.

Kivi Fidgit interview

Out first interview about Kivi's Underworld is now up at Fidgit.  It talks a bit about a typical play session, the 20 characters, secrets, and a few other things.


DoP Inside Mac Games review

We have another good Depths of Peril review over at Inside Mac Games.  Here's a quote:

Part of the joy is discovering for yourself. How many games have claimed that and delivered? To fans of the genre, this is definitely a perilous journey worth taking.


DoP Guardian review

We have another pretty good Depths of Peril review over at Your Local Guardian.  Here's a quote:

This game, however, is more like the bastard son of the Diablo-clone family, taking the best of that genre and evolving into an entirely different type of RPG.


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