Kivi - AtomicGamer review

We have the first review for Kivi's Underworld that I know of on AtomicGamer.  They give us a very good 89%.  Here's a quote:

The enjoyment factor in this hack-and-slash game alone is well worth the price if you are looking for something that is an absolute blast to play.


Kivi - Enchanter and Ice Mage

We have posted two new character profiles for Kivi's Underworld.  This week we reveal Jelse the Enchanter and Fris the Ice Mage.  See all of the revealed characters on the Kivi's Underworld characters page.


Kivi beta patch 1.001 available

The first patch for both the Windows and Mac versions of Kivi's Underworld is now available.  You can download the 1.001 beta patch from our Kivi's Underworld patch page.  This patch fixes a few bugs.  You can see the full list of changes here.


Kivi Mod SDK available

The SDK for making mods for Kivi's Underworld is now available.  You can download it from the Kivi's Underworld mod page.


DoP trailer

We finally decided to make a trailer for Depths of Peril.  You can view it over on our Depths of Peril movies page .  It's played though youtube, so you will need to have flash.


Warrior and Scout

We have setup a new page for Kivi's Underworld for all of the playable characters in the game.  The first two profiles are for Kivi the Warrior and Larite the Scout.  Head over to the Kivi's Underworld characters page.


Kivi's Underworld now available

Kivi's Underworld is now available to buy and the full demo is out for both Windows and the Mac.  You can buy the full game on the Kivi's Underworld buy page or you can grab the demo from the Kivi's Underworld demo page.


Kivi's Underworld Open Beta

Kivi's Underworld is now in Open Beta for both Windows and Mac.  If you want to participate, head over to the Kivi Open Beta page and download the open beta installer for either platform (about 40MB).  Please try out Kivi's Underworld and give us lots of feedback.  This way we can make Kivi's Underworld as fun of a game as possible.  Feel free to email your feedback or post in the Kivi's Underworld open beta forums.


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