Gamers Daily News interview

We have a new interview over on Gamers Daily News about Kivi's Underworld, Depths of Peril, and a lot about the future direction of Soldak.


Kivi one of the best RPGs of 2008

Kivi's Underworld is one of GameTunnel's best RPGs of 2008.  This isn't as good as Depths of Peril being GameTunnel's #1 RPG of 2007, but it's still nice.


Kivi - GameCyte review

We have another good review over on GameCyte.  Here's a quote:

Twenty characters may sound awfully close to non-casual territory, but Soldak steers clear of making things too un-casual thanks to the genius addition of single, cohesive attributes.


Kivi - Gaming's Edge review

We have another good review for Kivi's Underworld over on Gaming's Edge.  Here's a quote:

Yet another Diablo clone? Guess again, wise guy. Soldak once again puts a spin on the traditional hack-and-slash, using a skill system unlike anything I've ever seen before.


Kivi - Ninja and Warlock

We have posted two new character profiles for Kivi's Underworld.  This week we reveal Tezza the Ninja and Csata the Warlock.  See all of the revealed characters on the Kivi's Underworld characters page.


Blog updates 13

Here's the rest of the recent blog updates:

Blog updates for Steven: Kivi on portals, SEO spam, Fantastical Creatures, How do I create my own game?, and Next game thoughts. Read them here.
Blog updates for Delilah: Sneak Peek #8: Christina the Vampire, Sneak Peek #7: Lorimer the Sorcerer, Sneak Peek #6: Bera the Barbarian Priest, Sneak Peek #5: Ranzkin the Gnome, Sneak Peek #4: Haimes the Scree, Send Your Questions for the Interviews, and Sneak Peek #3: Lina the Barbarian Rogue. Read them here.

Blog updates 12

There have been a ton of blog updates since the last front page post, so much that I'm going to split this into 2 pieces and post the rest on Monday.

Blog updates for Steven: Kivi sales, Sill alive, Build pains, Indie stress, Bonus Kivi screenshot, and Demo vs open beta. Read them here.
Blog updates for Delilah: Sneak Peek #2: Nessamistis the Elf, Sneak Peek #1: Forest the Stalker, New Reality Show Coming Soon, Friday Five, Movie Dorkness Rising has Called Me to Adventure!, 6 Weeks Til Christmas, The Pact to Sell Our Novels in 2009, The Work Behind the Curtain, FenCon V, and Autumn and Dragons. Read them here.

Kivi's Underworld trailer

We now have a trailer for Kivi's Underworld over on the Kivi movie page.


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