Din's quest system is like a web blog

I have written up a new blog entry about Din's quest system being more like a web than a linear of tree like progression. You can read it here.

guttersnipe Depths of Peril review

DoP has a new review over on guttersnipe . They seem pretty fond of the game. Here's a quote: For the teen to adult, Depths of Peril—which I have pretty well been playing non-stop for weeks now—is definitely my pick of the month.


Din's Curse - Wizard

Din's Curse - Fire MageToday we revealed the third player class, the Wizard, with its 3 specialties (Fire Mage, Ice Mage, and Magician) over on the Din's Curse classes page.


Din progress report
There is a short progress report on Din's Curse over on Steven's blog (getting close to alpha).
Din - Changeling, Fire Thrower, and Death Knight

Din's Curse - Fire ThrowerThree more monsters are revealed over on the Din's Curse monsters page. Today's monsters are the Changeling, the Fire Thrower, and the Death Knight.


Din's Curse - Ranger

Today we revealed the second player class, the Ranger, with its 3 specialties (Archer, Hunter, and Druid) over on the Din's Curse classes page.


Earthquakes and systems working together

There is a new blog post about Earthquakes and systems working together over on Steven's blog.

Din - Warrior and Scavenger

Today we revealed the first player class, the Warrior, with its 3 specialties and the first monster, the Scavenger. Check out the warrior on the Din's Curse classes page and the Scavenger on the Din's Curse monsters page.


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