Sacramento Bee review

Depths of Peril has another favorable review over at The Sacramento Bee (it's reprinted many other places).  They give DoP 3 1/2 stars.  Here's some quotes:

It sounds like an unlikely mix, but in practice, it's a great fit and well-executed here.  Quibbles aside, "Depths of Peril" could teach Blizzard a thing or two. There's nothing else like it.


Blog updates 9

Two new blog updates from Steven: Mac sales and Dr. Horrible.

Read them here.

Blog updates 8

There have been a few blog updates since the last front page post. 

Blog updates for Steven: The problem of advertising, Consumer Power and Innovation, and Diablo clones. Read them here.

Blog updates 7

There have been a bunch of blog updates since the last front page post.  Here's just a few of the more recent updates.

Blog updates for Steven: The power of the consumer, Small industry, Depths of Peril Mac, and Programming feedback. Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: 11 Months of Books, Quote Fun, and Don’t Bail. Read them here.

Rock Paper Shotgun interview

We have a new interview over on Rock Paper Shotgun.  The interview asks about things before Soldak, the setup of Soldak, where DoP ideas came from, challenges of creating DoP, and a bunch of other stuff.


Depths of Peril in Spanish

Depths of Peril is now available in Spanish through a new mod from  See the instructions, download the mod, and get the manual in Spanish here.

Depths of Peril (Las Profundidades del Peligro) ya está disponible en Español gracias a un nuevo mod creado en Mira las
instrucciones, descarga el mod y mira el manual desde aquí.


Twenty Sided review

Depths of Peril has another review over on Twenty Sided that is split into 3 parts: first impressions (includes a funny comic), gameplay, and final thoughts.  Here's a quote:

This isn’t just something thrown together by fans who wanted “Diablo, but with more better graphics”, this is a step forward for a genre that has been running in place for a decade.


Assistive Gaming review

We have a new review over on Assistive Gaming.  They focus on accessibility in Mac games.  Here's some quotes:

But Depths of Peril has some unique features that really set it apart from other Diablo clones and put it into a category all by itself. ... How accessible is Depths of Peril? I’m happy to say it’s very accessible.


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