Din's Curse Werit interview #2

We have another interview over on Werit's blog. This one is more focused on the development side of things. If you enjoy that type of thing, give it a read.


Din progress report #2
There is a another short progress report on Din's Curse over on Steven's blog (getting close to beta). It's actually a few days old (I forgot to update the front page).
Din's Curse - Conjurer

Din's Curse - ConjurerToday we revealed the 4th player class, the Conjurer, with its 3 specialties (Warlock, Necromancer, and Sorcerer) over on the Din's Curse classes page.


Three more Din's Curse screenshots

We posted 3 new Din's Curse screenshots today.


Din's Curse in Alpha
Din's Curse is now in alpha! You can read a bit more about what this means over on Steven's blog.
Din's Curse Co-Optimus preview

There is a new Din's Curse preview over on Co-Optimus. It's pretty short, but we like getting previews so that's ok.


Din - Frenzy Targ, Fury, and Sentinel

Din's Curse - Frenzy TargWe posted 3 more monster profiles today for the Frenzy Targ, the Fury, and the Sentinel. As usual you can see them over on Din's Curse monster page.


DoP and Din shirts

There are now more types of Depths of Peril and Din's Curse shirts available over on our merchandise page. Support Soldak by buying a shirt.


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