Kivi - Battle Mage and Berserker

Kivi's Underworld - Battle MageWe reveal 2 more characters today on the Kivi's Underworld characters page.  The new characters are Batalo the Battle Mage and Hullu the Berserker.


Kivi - Hooked Gamers review

Kivi's Underworld has another really good review over on Hooked Gamers. Here's a quote:

... Kivi’s Underworld is a perfect example of why certain game genres will never completely die off. Kivi’s Underworld is a classic third person Hack and Slash with considerable cast of characters and an entertaining storyline that is reminiscent of the days of yore when Polyhedrons ruled the tabletop and DMs were a deity.


Kivi - Assassin, Wampir, and Elemental

Kivi's Underworld - Dark Elf AssassinWe reveal 3 more monsters over on Kivi's Underworld monster page.  The 3 new monsters are the Dark Elf Assassin, the Wampir, and the Elemental.


Blog updates 15
Lots more blog updates.  Blog updates for Steven Peeler: Kivi networking update 2, Official industry leader, Kivi networking update, Some people need to play more games, and Fantastical Creature female vote.
Blog updates for Delilah Rehm: Episode 3: Dungeon Dive, Episode 2: Interview with Delilah Rehm, Episode 1: Shake and Snake, Male Contestants, Vote for Your Favorite Males, Female Contestants, Vote For Your Favorite Females, Sneak Peek 22: Amber the Unicorn, Sneak Peek 21: Jewel the Cyclops, and Sneak Peek 20: Snowshield the Dwarf.
Fantastical Creature Episodes 1, 2, 3

The first 3 episodes of the Fantastical Creature Reality Show are now up.

Episode 1: Shake and Snake
Episode 2: Interview with Delilah Rehm
Episode 3: Dungeon Dive

Vote now for the first contestant to be banished from the island (you will have to read Episode 3 to find out who they are).

Kivi - Killer Betties review

Kivi's Underworld has another good review over on Killer Betties . Here's a quote:

It’s nice to see that in these times of financial hard knocks gamers can still pick up cheap games that are fun to play at a low cost. Kivi’s Underworld is that kind of game.


DoP - Gamepyre review

We have a new review for Depths of Peril over on Gamepyre that gives DoP a score of 80%.  Here's a quote:

Being the head of a household is not easy; especially when other houses are one step away from raiding, pillaging and trying to end your game. This is what makes Depths of Peril so much fun to play.


Kivi - review

Kivi's Underworld has another good review over on  A quote:

All in all, for a super small game, at a bargin price, this is a gem.


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