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There have been a ton of blog updates since the last front page post, so much that I'm going to split this into 2 pieces and post the rest on Monday.

Blog updates for Steven: Kivi sales, Sill alive, Build pains, Indie stress, Bonus Kivi screenshot, and Demo vs open beta. Read them here.
Blog updates for Delilah: Sneak Peek #2: Nessamistis the Elf, Sneak Peek #1: Forest the Stalker, New Reality Show Coming Soon, Friday Five, Movie Dorkness Rising has Called Me to Adventure!, 6 Weeks Til Christmas, The Pact to Sell Our Novels in 2009, The Work Behind the Curtain, FenCon V, and Autumn and Dragons. Read them here.

Kivi's Underworld trailer

We now have a trailer for Kivi's Underworld over on the Kivi movie page.


Kivi - Gamers Daily News review

Kivi's Underworld has another good review over at  Gamers Daily News. A quote:

Kivi’s Underworld is a damned fine hack-n-slash that hearkens back to gaming days of yore when you couldn’t swivel the camera and only needed a mouse, a spacebar and the enter key.


Kivi patch 1.001 available

The first official patch, 1.001, is now out for Kivi's Underworld.  You can download it on the Kivi patch page and you can see the change list here.


Tea Leaves interview

We have a new interview over on the Tea Leaves site.  It mostly talks about Mac development stuff.


Kivi - Fury & Fire Thrower

We have posted 2 new monster profiles over on the Kivi's Underworld monster page.  The two new monsters are the huge, four armed Fury and the very dangerous Fire Thrower.


Kivi - AtomicGamer review

We have the first review for Kivi's Underworld that I know of on AtomicGamer.  They give us a very good 89%.  Here's a quote:

The enjoyment factor in this hack-and-slash game alone is well worth the price if you are looking for something that is an absolute blast to play.


Kivi - Enchanter and Ice Mage

We have posted two new character profiles for Kivi's Underworld.  This week we reveal Jelse the Enchanter and Fris the Ice Mage.  See all of the revealed characters on the Kivi's Underworld characters page.


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