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There have been a bunch of blog updates since the last front page post.  Here's just a few of the more recent updates.

Blog updates for Steven: The power of the consumer, Small industry, Depths of Peril Mac, and Programming feedback. Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: 11 Months of Books, Quote Fun, and Don’t Bail. Read them here.

Rock Paper Shotgun interview

We have a new interview over on Rock Paper Shotgun.  The interview asks about things before Soldak, the setup of Soldak, where DoP ideas came from, challenges of creating DoP, and a bunch of other stuff.


Depths of Peril in Spanish

Depths of Peril is now available in Spanish through a new mod from  See the instructions, download the mod, and get the manual in Spanish here.

Depths of Peril (Las Profundidades del Peligro) ya está disponible en Español gracias a un nuevo mod creado en Mira las
instrucciones, descarga el mod y mira el manual desde aquí.


Twenty Sided review

Depths of Peril has another review over on Twenty Sided that is split into 3 parts: first impressions (includes a funny comic), gameplay, and final thoughts.  Here's a quote:

This isn’t just something thrown together by fans who wanted “Diablo, but with more better graphics”, this is a step forward for a genre that has been running in place for a decade.


Assistive Gaming review

We have a new review over on Assistive Gaming.  They focus on accessibility in Mac games.  Here's some quotes:

But Depths of Peril has some unique features that really set it apart from other Diablo clones and put it into a category all by itself. ... How accessible is Depths of Peril? I’m happy to say it’s very accessible.


Mac Depths of Peril on sale

The Mac version of Depths of Peril is now on sale!  Head over to our buy page to purchase it.


Mac Depths of Peril demo

The Mac Depths of Peril demo is now available.  Head over to our demos page to download it.


Mac testers

The Mac version of Depths of Peril is almost ready, but before I release it to the world I would really like to get a few Mac testers to make sure I didn't miss anything major.  If you have a Mac that has OSX 10.4 or 10.5, the cpu is at least 1.5GHz, and you would like to do some minor testing please email me (email Steven on our contact page).


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