Brute and Wisp

We have added 2 new monster profiles to our Depths of Peril monster page.  Today's additions are the double headed brute and the devious wisp.


Beta patch 1.007 available

A new beta patch is available on our patch page and changes are here.


Gaming Nexus review

We have another favorable review over on Gaming Nexus.  Here's some quotes:

The 3D isometric view is familiar to the Diablo lineage, although the downright panic-inducing real-time strategy elements categorize Depths of Peril as a different kind of animal.  ...  But Depths of Peril also adds political ingredients to the stew. Negotiating with your fellow barbarians is a fully-realized scenario that takes its cue from Rome: Total War. Money shifts hands, trade routes open and close, equipment is hauled back and forth, all in the name of temporary peace.


Patch 1.006 available

The official Depths of Peril 1.006 patch is now available.  You can download it on the patch page and see a list of changes here.  Note: we skipped an official version because I did 2 beta patches in a row.


Beta patch 1.006 available

A new beta patch is available for Depths of Peril.  It just has a few text fixes compared to beta 1.005, but they were annoying me. :)  Patch page - change list.


GameTunnel review

We have another really good review over on GameTunnel.  The review gives us a buy, which is their highest rating.  Here's some quotes:

... for a game that is at once familiar and incredibly fresh and exciting for veteran RPG fans.  ... quite simply an incredibly fun game that pushes the envelope of what a computer role-playing game can be. ... This is the thinking-persons action-RPG, and the answer to the demands of genre fans craving deeper fare. ... The dynamic world and competition / rivalry / cooperation between the covenants adds a new dimension to the traditional action-RPG formula.


Beta patch 1.005 available

The 1.005 beta patch for Depths of Peril is now available.  As usual the patch is available on our patch page and you can see a list of all of the changes here.


GameTunnel's Top 10 Games of the Year

Depths of Peril - Top 10 Today GameTunnel announced their Top 10 Games of the Year.  While we didn't get #1, we did get a very respectable #2.


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Results 739 - 756 of 860


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