Patch 1.009 available

Patch 1.009 is now available for Depths of Peril on our patch page, changes are available here.


Demo 1.009 available

We decided to finally update our demo again.  The new demo includes all of the updates up to 1.009.  The old demo was at 1.002 so it was pretty old.  You can download the new demo from our demo page or you can grab it off of one of the many mirrors: GamersHellComputerGames.roAtomicGamerFan GamingFile Front, and GameSpot


gameSlave review

We have another fairly good review over on gameSlave.  Some quotes:

Through a clever combat and skills system, whatever class of character you chose can lever up fairly quickly, unlocking higher skills, more powerful attacks...  Overall, Depths of Peril is definitely worth a try, graphics and learning curve aside, the game offers plenty of depth and the diplomatic aspect of the game gives it a lot more punch than other RPGs on the market at the moment.


Beta patch 1.009 available

Beta patch 1.009 is now available for Depths of Peril over on the patch page with changes here.  The changes in 1.009 are mostly localization issues and a few bug fixes, but adds a new Loner Challenge mode.


Patch 1.008 available

Patch 1.008 is now available for Depths of Peril on our patch page, changes are available here.


Gleemie finalist

Depths of Peril is one of 7 finalists for Wizards of the Coast's/Gleemax's Gleemie Awards.  The finalists for “The Gleemie” were selected from a field of more than 170 game submissions (10th Annual Independent Games Festival) based on strategic and innovative game play.

Comments review

Depths of Peril has another very positive review over on  Some quotes:

Depths of Peril is an interesting combination of a role playing, hack n' slash and strategy. ... A very rich background of lore and a series of quests that continue along a main storyline really fill out the game. ... Depths of Peril is a unique and addicting little game that I've played for many hours already and intend to keep on playing.


Beta patch 1.008 available

Beta patch 1.008 is now available over on the Depths of Peril patch page and you can see the list of changes here.  This patch fixes a lot of typos and localization issues, a few of bugs, but more importantly adds a hardcore mode.


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