Rampant Coyote interview

We have a new interview over on Tales of the Rampant Coyote  It's actually the rest of the interview from the article in the Escapist Magazine.


Escapist Magazine indie article

Escapist Magazine has a new issue posted that focuses on indie companies.  One of the articles, called Going Rogue, has a bunch of quotes from the founder of Soldak in there (Steven Peeler), as well as from some other notable indie people.


Fidgit review

Depths of Peril has another good review over on Fidgit.  There's no score, but it is pretty positive (except the reviewer doesn't like the name of the game).  Some quotes:

But the really cool part is that while you're out adventuring, so too are heroes from other clans. ... There's diplomacy system here like you'd expect to find in an epic strategy game.


Blog updates 10

There have been a bunch of blog updates since the last front page post.  Here's the latest blog entries.

Blog updates for Steven: Improved The Mist ending, VCR vs. DVD, and One person corporations. Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Conestoga. Read them here.

Mac beta patch 1.012 available

There is now a 1.012 beta patch out for the Mac version of Depths of Peril.   You can download it from the patch page and see all of the changes on the changes page.


Windows beta patch 1.012 available

Beta patch 1.012 is now available for Depths of Peril (Windows) over on the DoP patch page.  Also as usual, there is a change list here (a crash fix, a bunch of small fixes, some balancing, etc).

Unlike previous patches this one might work with the retail version of the game.  If you try out the beta patch with the retail version of the game, please tell me by email or forums if it works or not.


Sacramento Bee review

Depths of Peril has another favorable review over at The Sacramento Bee (it's reprinted many other places).  They give DoP 3 1/2 stars.  Here's some quotes:

It sounds like an unlikely mix, but in practice, it's a great fit and well-executed here.  Quibbles aside, "Depths of Peril" could teach Blizzard a thing or two. There's nothing else like it.


Blog updates 9

Two new blog updates from Steven: Mac sales and Dr. Horrible.

Read them here.

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