GameTunnel's RPG of the year!

Depths of Peril - RPG of the year GameTunnel has given Depths of Peril their RPG Game of the Year award.  Very cool news.

Comments review

Another new review (8.5/10) for Depths of Peril at  Some quotes:

Depths Of Peril is the first “Diablo clone” I’ve seen that takes the design and adds so much to it that future designers may be taking ideas from Depths, rather than Diablo. ... I could go on to list all the features, but they’re so extensive that suffice to say, there’s a lot to like here – a ridiculous lot to like.


Blogcraft demo review

There is a new review of the demo over on Blogcraft.  It's not a full fledged review, but it is still a pretty good review of the demo.  Here's a quote:

Soldak broke all kinds of rules with this game. Fortunately, the rules that they broke are what held the Diablo pretenders back.


Games32 interview

We have a new Depths of Peril interview on Games32.  Included are questions about the story, type of gameplay, unique features, why not a classic skill tree, covenant special traits, and more.


Bytten review

We have another very positive review (92%) over on Bytten.  Here's some quotes:

Depths of Peril is a delicious fusion of a few styles of games and has hit a brilliant balance between tactical decision making, strategic gameplay and plain old button mashing mayhem. ... Roguelike fans rejoice! Nearly everything in each game is randomly (yet intelligently) generated, and no two games will be the same. ... brilliant in-game fiction ... clever skill system for character development ... Go buy the game already!


Myths of Origins: Barbarian & Lumen

We have posted 2 new stories today.  These are a little different than usual.  Both of these are short myths of how the different races think the races were created.  The first two myths of origins are the barbarians and the lumen.


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Blog updates 6

Some more blog updates recently.  Blog updates for Steven: The candidates and games, Crazy Texas weather, How not to do a demo, and Music ratings?  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Cute Knight, Plants: How do They do It?, Wildlife Rant, Coyotes Anyone?, Black on Black Crime, What’s the Answer?, Niche Market, Niche World- What Will the Kindle Change?, Harry Potter, and the LY Fiasco, Casual Games, and What I've Played.  Read them here.

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