New monsters

We posted two new monsters profiles on the monster page today, the very insidious Dimensional Gates and the deadly Horrors.


Blog updates

There have been a lot of blog updates this week.  Blog updates for Steven: Car Commercial, Independent Games Festival, Indie reviews, Fan fiction, and Contracts.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Thanks-Giving, Thin Air Review, When is It my Turn?, Halloween Treat, Happy November and the Beginning of Nano, and Lilith's Brood Review.  Read them here.


Wrap report at RPG Vault

We now have a wrap report up on RPG Vault.  It uses their usual format which includes the project, the team, high-level goals, technology, timeline, changes and enhancements, major challenges, best decisions, key strengths, areas for improvement, lessons learned, audience response, and personal thoughts. Yes, it covers a lot of ground.


Gamer Node review

We have a new review over on Gamer Node. Here's some quotes:

It's a mix between Diablo and Civilization, and it's pulled off surprisingly well. ... With the Covenant gameplay and the political nuances, though, Depths of Peril is anything but a Diablo clone.


RPG Codex interview

We have a new interview over on RPG Codex.  It's a post release interview that talks about how gamers and the media have responded to Depths of Peril, things we might have done differently, etc. and has my latest rant on the industry at the end. :)


Patch 1.003 available

The official 1.003 patch is available now on the patch page. The list of changes is available here. It's the same as the beta 1.003 patch, so you don't need to install it if you already installed the beta patch.


Gaming's Edge review

We have another review over on Gaming's Edge.  Some quotes:

The dynamism is a refreshing change of pace... One thing I'm finding out about the game is that it's just as much fun to "win" and then go through the storyline as it is to mess with the other covenants. ... Seriously, you guys. You gotta try this thing. And with a free demo, there's really no excuse. Get to playing!


Rampant Games semi-review

We have another semi-review over on Rampant Games.  I call it a semi-review because he refuses to call it a review, but other than not having a score at the end it is a pretty good writeup.  Here's some quotes:

But what makes Depths of Peril so fascinating is that it goes well outside the comfort zone of traditional RPGs, and incorporates elements that might sound like a mash-up on paper, but really work extremely well as a unified whole. ... This is a game with some real depth to it.  ... In my opinion, every good RPG is part strategy game (or at least a tactics game), and Depths of Peril simply extends that idea outside the box and into some really fun, less-explored territory.


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