New story - Inheritance part 2
InheritanceThe conclusion of the story Inheritance can be read here.  Find out what happens to Bluefoot, Curren, Emma, and Max.
New section - Historical Heroes
We have added a new section that talks about many of the heroes that show up in the background stories.  So if you want to read a little more about some of the heroes from the history of Aleria go here.  This section also makes it easier to see which stories each hero appears in.
New story - Inheritance part 1
InheritanceThe first half of the new story Inheritance can be read here.  This story is about a dwarven mercenary named Bluefoot who has been hired to guard a merchant caravan.  They of course run into a little trouble on their journey.
RPG Vault Peek #1
We have our first Peek article over at RPG Vault.  The article is about consequences and actions mattering in Depths of Peril.
New story - Dragon Stone part 2
Dragon StoneThe conclusion of the story Dragon Stone can be read here.  Find out what happens to the barbarian Rollo and his covenant Dragon Stone.
New story - Dragon Stone part 1
Dragon StoneThe first half of the story Dragon Stone can be read here.  This story is about a covenant called Dragon Stone struggling to survive through the Fourth Great War.  The story also shows how barbarians use lifestones.
JeuxVideoPC Interview #2
We have another interview at JeuxVideoPC in French.  It has some questions about gameplay and a couple about the interface.   You can also read the interview in English here.
New story - In the Eye part 2
In the EyeThe second half of the story In the Eye is here.  Find out what happens to Malica the imp and the humans Nadia and Casimir.
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