Blog updates 5

More blogs this week.  Blog updates for Steven: Another rumor, Company mergers/buyouts, Futurama, GameTunnel's Player's Choice Award poll, and Localization pains.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: NaNo: Did I Succeed in Writing 50,000 words in the Month of November?, Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974, Too Funny, and Real Respect for the United States Flag and the Country Motto.  Read them here.


Plaguebringer, larva, and skeleton

There are 3 more new monster profiles over on the Depths of Peril monster page.  Today's monsters are the plaguebringer, the plaguebringer larva, and the skeleton.


Patch 1.004 available

Patch 1.004 is now available on our patch page.  The change log is also available here.  If you have already installed the beta 1.004 patch, there is no need to install this patch.


Blog updates 4

More blogs in the last couple weeks.  Blog updates for Steven: Portals & publishers, Happy Thanksgiving, Back from holiday, Firefly/Serenity, How to agitate programmers, Open Source is scary, New violence media "study", and Biased reviews.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Review of Musashi Flex, NaNo Update Part Three Plus, 61% Finished, and Doubting Myself, Stupid NaNo.  Read them here.


Lurker, ghost, and tower

We have posted 3 new profiles today for the lurker, ghost, and tower.  All can be seen on the Depths of Peril monster page.


DarkZero review

We have another favorable review over on DarkZero.  Here's some quotes:

Thankfully, although Depths of Peril makes generous use of ideas from the past, it uses them well enough to gain respect in its own right. ... unlike a few of the other games in the genre, particularly the one mentioned earlier, Depths of Peril seems to have a greater basis in tactical combat than you would initially expect. ... The hack and slash action, regardless of its familiarity, is very satisfying.


Blog updates 3

More blog updates this week. Blog updates for Steven: How to make your own game?, Random worlds suck when testing, Game credits controversy, and Copy protection & piracy.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Query Bloopers and Unraveling the Agent Mystery and Better Start Planning for Christmas, or Not.  Read them here.

Comments review

We have another good review over on the site.  The review is in German so no quotes as we usually do.  They did give Depths of Peril an 8/10 score, so they liked it.


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