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We have a new preview over on GameZone.


Depths of Peril is, above all else, an action-RPG (think Diablo). However, it is not your typical action-RPG. It incorporates elements of MMORPGs and, more notably, strategy games. The basic gameplay consists of accepting quests, buying equipment, fighting monsters, finding treasure, and exploring the land. Sounds about par for the course for an action-RPG, right? Well, this is where the similarities between Depths of Peril and other action RPGs stop.


New interview - GameZone

We have a new interview up at GameZone.


Steven: I think we will appeal to action-RPG players mostly that want some more depth than the typical offering. There is way more going on in Depths of Peril than most action RPGs. There are multiple covenants fighting for dominance using diplomacy, wars, raids, and alliances. The world is very dynamic and changes based on the actions of the character, the other covenants, and even the monsters. There is also a huge backstory so even the history of the world is fairly deep.


New story - The Taken

The TakenWe have posted a new story called The Taken.  You can read it here. This story is a short mystery of some missing soldiers during the Third Great War: The Crusades.  Alek, Dez, and Tover are in the story.


Jolt preview

We have another preview for Depths of Peril over on Jolt.

Quote from the preview:

If we were to sum up Depths of Peril in one word, that word would be ‘ambitious’. Ambitious in that a small, independent development studio has come out fighting and gone for one of the main arteries of PC gaming: the action RPG. It’s the sort of game that even a lot of larger developers would think twice before attempting. Soldak have not only set out their stall and announced their intentions, but if they get it right from here on in, they might just make a bigger splash than many would expect.


New monsters

We have posted two new monster profiles over on the monster page. This weeks new monsters are the viscous hulk and the extremely dangerous scavenger.


New story - Tover of the Dark

Tover of the DarkWe have posted a new story called Tover of the Dark, read it here.  This story goes back a ways in time where we find out how Tover meets up with Brenna, Damek, and Sven.


Hooked Gamers preview

We have another preview over on Hooked Gamers.

Quote from preview:
One of the unique twists of Depth of Peril is that, as much of a hack and slash game it may appear to be, there is a great deal of strategy and diplomacy that is involved in actually being successful in the game.


RPG Codex preview

There is a new preview for Depths of Peril over on RPG Codex.

Warning: it does have a little bad language, but don't let that stop you from a good read. Here's a bit from the preview:

It's a good game that shows both skills and desire to try new things and to play with new concepts. That alone should be enough for you to give Depth of Peril a try. It's a more enjoyable game than Dungeon Siege 2, so if action RPGs are your cup of tea, give it a try when the demo is out.


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