New story - Fire Scrape
Fire ScrapeWe have a new story called Fire Scrape that you can read here.  Find out what Brenna, Sven, Tover, and Damek run into in the Low Desert.
New villain - Turen
We have a new villain, Turen, posted in the Villains section.  Turen is a very rare zombie that still retains a lot of control even though he is a zombie.
New monsters
We have posted 3 new monsters over in the monster section.  The new monsters are the Giant Scorpion, Scorpid, and Death Knight.
New story - Draaien and the Ring
Draaien and the RingWe have posted a new story called Draaien and the Ring.  This is a story that shows a little of the history of how Draaien rose to power. Draaien is one of the leaders of the evil armies that essentially conquered Aleria in the Fourth Great War.  Ciglio is the other leader.
New section - Monsters
We now have a new section for the monsters in Aleria. You can go look at it here.  For a start, the section contains the monsters Imp, Orc, and Zombie.  We will slowly be revealing more of the monsters over the coming weeks.
New story - Zombie Deadfall
Zombie DeadfallWe have posted a new story called Zombie Deadfall.  This is another story about one of the main villains in the background stories of Aleria, in this case Ciglio the necromancer.  Ciglio is one of the leaders of the evil armies that essentially conquered Aleria in the Fourth Great War.
RPG Vault Peek #2
Our second peek article is now up over at RPG Vault.  This article is about the strategic gameplay that is in Depths of Peril.
New story - Forgotten Cave
Forgotten CAveWe have posted a new story called Forgotten Cave.  Read  here about how dangerous the underground can be in Aleria.  This story takes place during the Second Great War and introduces a few new heroes in it (Brenna, Sven, Damek, and Tover).
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