New story - In the Eye part 2
In the EyeThe second half of the story In the Eye is here.  Find out what happens to Malica the imp and the humans Nadia and Casimir.
RPG Codex interview
We have a new interview over at RPG Codex.  It's a little different than normal.  This interview talks to us and 3 other indie RPG developers, so you can see the different approaches of four very different games.
New story - In the Eye part 1
In the EyeThe first part of the story In the Eye is here.  This story is mostly about imps and is one of the rare stories where much of the story is from the perspective of a monster.  In this case, the monster is a female imp named Malica.
Gameplay Monthly Interview
We have a new interview up on Gameplay Monthly.  This interview asks about gameplay mechanics, diplomacy, choices with consequences, backstory, and more.  There is also 2 new screenshots in there.
New story - Double Edge
Double EdgeWe have posted a new story called Double Edge.  This story actually won 1st place in a short story contest at FenCon last year.  It is split into 2 parts since it is a little longer then usual, part 1 and part 2.  In this story, you will learn a little more about necromancers and one of the types of zombies in Aleria.
Bloom comparison screenshots
Two new screenshots have been posted so that we could show the difference of bloom on and off.  It's an option in the game so everyone can turn it on or off to suite their tastes.  You can see them here.
New story - Fallen Statue
Fallen StatueThe fourth and final story from the First Great War is now up.  This story tells about another incident during the war and we learn more about a few heroes, a couple types of monsters, and one of the unique monsters in the game.
RPG Watch Interview
We have a new interview up on RPG Watch
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