TeamPlayer Gaming - 89
Any fan of “action RPGs” (the basic genre of the Diablo clone) should really check Zombasite out.
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GameGrin - 8 1/2
This is where it becomes apparent this is a little different to most games of this ilk: the worlds are alive and both the enemies within it and the other clans are actively working towards goals that affect you directly.
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Chalgyr's Game Room - 8.5
The time spend in Early Access was time well spent and Soldak Entertainment have aced this one.
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GameOgre - 4/5
That said, unique and unpredictable are two words that best describe this game.
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Hardcore Gamer - 4/5
So to answer the question of whether or not Zombasite breathes new life into the zombie apocalypse, the answer is a resounding yes.
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Gaming Trend - 80
I realized, as I sprinted past chests I would normally pause to open and casually loot, that this feeling of essential speed I was now experiencing was truly unique.
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3rd Strike - 7.0
If you are looking for a game like Diablo but with an extra layer adding some rather neat gameplay mechanics, then this game will suit you just fine.
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Skewed 'n Reviewed - 3.5/5
Luckily, Zombasite is anything but a typical offering amidst today’s market.
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Co-Optimus - 3/5 (4/5 for co-op part)
While it may be most inviting to those gamers that are looking for an ARPG with a little something different to offer from the usual loot grind, there are enough interesting ideas here that it’s worth a little bit of exploration by everyone.
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