Pre-alpha screenshots

We seem to always be a little slow with screenshots, but we finally took some. :) These were taken before alpha testing.

This shot has several human zombies attacking the player in one of the cave areas. Pic details - 1432x873, 242KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

This shot is in a foggy forest. Pic details - 1432x870, 243KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

Several stalkers are attacking the player in this shot. Yes, there are still regular monsters roaming about.. Pic details - 1432x873, 289KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

In this shot, a bunch of Hellhounds are attacking the player on a bridge in one of the dungeons. Pic details - 1432x873, 209KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

This is another shot of stalkers in a jungle. Pic details - 1432x870, 262KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

In this shot, 2 zombie stalkers are attacking an infection free stalker. If the player doesn't do something soon, he will face 3 zombie stalkers. Pic details - 1432x873, 286KB.

Zombasite - screenshot

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