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Sedlex 10-11-2012 10:54 AM

I use escape pods occasionally. My inventory permanently has the best one currently available for use in conjunction with the self-destruct I keep around for funtimes. Also good for when I can't afford more deaths... economic loss is kind of humiliating, and I've been there twice already D:

Or when I accidentally infect myself with what I currently rate as the best item in game: Grey Goo.

As for flak, the main problem I see is that it's competing with a straight up defence boost module in every case as far as I'm concerned. To be useful, it would have to be changed to something like a module that autoaims and shoots on activation, something like a thirty second timer during which it fires once every 1.5 seconds at incoming missiles, with a cooldown of one minute or so. I can see it being useful then.

Edit: just tried chaff as a substitute for one of my shield slots, loving it in missile heavy environments (read: Swarm).

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