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Forevener 09-07-2013 04:58 AM

Bugs and complaints
1. Brunt's missile slot is not accepting Swarm Missiles
2. Web Baylisa can snipe your rockets across the screen sometimes

1. Drox Quest rewards are laughable
2. Rockets are:
a. Slow (can't catch up with the target sometimes)
b. Weak (for the projectile that can be easily intercepted)
c. Energy inefficient (being slow and weak they're wasting too much energy on shot)

I think rockets should be rebalanced. We need two different types - rockets and torpedoes. Torpedoes will inherit all the current missile stats, except the damage (t will be ~4 times higher) and HP (a bit higher). Also they will explode on hit/destruction. Rockets will be twice faster, with less energy cost and less reload time.

Tyrax Lightning 09-07-2013 12:41 PM

Agreed. It's pointless to ever equip any Missile on ANY Slot other than a Brunt Racial Missile Slot, & there's only 1 Missile that should ever go into even that Slot... the Shock Torpedo, the one Missile in the Game that's a non-Aimed Missile so that the Brunt can forgo the Computers Stat to pump up stuff that's actually worth it, especially Tactical & Command to get that sheer raw damage as high as possible.

Speaking of Missiles sucking, the Bomber Missiles suck too, & the Bomber Mod that makes them fire actual Bombs makes them way better & should become Vanilla. :D

Tuidjy 09-07-2013 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by Tyrax Lightning (Post 63412)
Agreed. It's pointless to ever equip any Missile on ANY Slot other than a Brunt Racial Missile Slot

I agree. On the Big Bad Brunt, at level 100, I had a level fortish missile for its 147% to critical hit chance. Otherwise, missiles have nothing to add. But of course, I feel that same way about a lot other components as well.

demoss 09-09-2013 06:14 PM

I can think of one other good use for a missile - tracking device for those annoying really fast bosses. Just watch the smoke trail.

Forevener 09-09-2013 11:42 PM

By the way, swarm missiles are cool. It's much harder to intercept every missile, so at least one reaches the target. If target not too fast...

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