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gornova 07-01-2012 09:43 AM

Let's talk about multiplayer
Yesterday with some friends (in total 6) have tested Drox 0.905 in multiplayer (LAN). My biggest problem was teach them how to play, but after 20 minutes all are wandering between sectors fighting monsters.
Their biggest problem was found friends in sectors, many time we said "where are you?" I think there MUST be something in-game (on radar?) to teach where find other players, because all in Drox Operative about cooperation.

In particular one of my friends said "why not add a jump to friend system option?" this sound cool to me, because help a lot :D
I think also put in bold on messages actions from other Drox Operative "Drox solve a quests and so on" could help in track other players advance in quests.

Note: anyone read the tutorial, maybe an example scenario (like a challenge) for multiplayer to introduce on basic mechanics? Something scaled just for multiplayer, like wipe put monsters from a sector quests from a races, then allied with them =

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