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AdamC 06-28-2021 02:17 PM

Hello everybody, first post.

I had not had my forum account running but how that I do I will take some notes and periodically report. Continuous edits for any bugs on my list.

World Pre .906.

-Ballistic Projectile speed increase chip will not slot in to EM missile.
EDIT - Sometimes I try to reject a race relation request and it will not go away for a long time. I have to close the race relations window manually as clicking reject and sometimes even accept repeatatively does nothing. Perhaps this is a demand?
EDIT -I have had a new system fail to load once. I let it try for half hour. This was after numerous hours of play where there may have been a memory leak. After closing the game and clicking continue the new system loaded fine.
-Diplomatic wins via Bash all races in to Tributary status it so much better for rewards and such I still do not even have 3 military wins.
-I have had it where in the race relations menu where there are no lines drawn and in is not because of xenophobic. It is more like that race did not get added in. This was a few patches ago and I have not seen it again.
-Minable asteroids should reward much better than credit storage pods considering their rarity.
-A few versions ago I accidentally had the resolution set slightly off of what the 4k should be on for the TV I am using. When in options trying to set control mapping it would not let me until I corrected the resolution. I have not changed back to an incorrect one to see if the inability to map controls in an incorrect resolution persists.
-Somehow I have the Achievement Devastator for 4k but I am missing Crusher for 2k

Steam ID: _wc_splitsecond

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