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Vindieselwalker 03-31-2019 09:04 AM

Drox operative - rpg set in the 4X space game
As a real fan of space theme , i found this game not so long ago , read description , and thought * oh wow, sounds interesting , let me give it a try* . after playing for 20 minutes, i decided that it was another rogue lite/rpg with some unique elements like AI but who cares, there is too many of them.

2 Weeks later,i give it another try before deleting it.... and 7 hours of my life went so fast, i couldnt believe it. It is absolutely amazing and unique rpg with diablo loot system , set in a world , where you are NOT a main character, but just a rogue ship , trying to be on winning side of 4X game , which is played by AI. it starts very slowly , you help first faction you meet, earn money , find loot, while major factions explore space(along with you), start making alliances , declare wars, colonize planets, research technologies, while you just try to survive , help faction you think will win so you will win too. And then more and more stuff keeps happening, you and other factions sabotage each other, steal technology from other AI , spread rumours, betray , bribe each other, and all that while you are actually playing rpg , trying to manage inventory and your ship , uprgading characteristics, collecting, buying and selling loot.

And then more and more things keep happening - rival factions ally with each other , some factions getting destroyed , and then you think that you finally have stable alliance which will win, your factions and your enemies divide into normal ones and rebels , and all these rebels unite and become third side in conflict, and then there are *neutral * ships who just fly around sectors, AI start bribing them for full war with major factions.

I cant believe how this 5 year old game went past me unnoticed, its really not demanding on pc specs, insanely well done and while it is loot based space rpg, 4X aspect of the game makes it absolutely unique expirience.

Sometimes i wonder, how many unique games like this have i missed, and its so great that steam keeps a lot of old games, making it really easy to acess them.

Evander 08-12-2019 05:53 PM

Yeah, Soldak never had any serious marketing campaign :)

They could use some ads here and there. Easy to miss their games :)

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