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EaglePryde 11-05-2012 06:46 AM

Ship Designs?
Hi i'm new here.

I find the game description and the videos very interessting but there is one thing that keeps me away from buying this game.

Seems as if you "level" your ship up to become bigger. I really hoped you would to have to engage in trade with a faction/race to buy a bigger/better ship hull. It would be really nice to be able to buy hulls that have various capacities or modifiers and visual art. They should follow the same rule as components. They should be divided in classes like fighter/cruiser/battleship/etc. (for the purpose of even having fighter bay modules).

Depending from whom you would want to buy a ship, it should look different.

Maybe even the modules you can buy and or loot should be easier to get from one race compared to others to show a difference. Race A could have better shields than the others while B has better rockets.

Crew could follow the same rules. At present it is only a representation of standart character stats.

Wouldn't it be better to aquire crewmen that have different stats. Your ship should have slots that reprecent different roles on a ship where you place crewmen inside them.

Crew could still "get better" and level up a bit. Depending how good their quality or "talent" is, the better their stats and stat growth. They could also have hidden special skills.

What i'm suggesting make it feel better with additional stuff to do. Feels also a bit more "real".

Don't you agree?

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