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Daniel 06-01-2015 08:43 AM

What illegal gate doing if it completed?
Okay, this is not a bug but i curious, what illegal gate do after it completed, i already saw it 2 time and destroy it. Oh and one thing why is tornado is hurting, i already saw that before and the tornado is targeting the 3 main questgiver (and they died) i was very annoyed by tornado when it the first time the town is not saved,that tornado only attack them and i need help Shadow, how to destroy tornado? Or saving NPC that in the tornado madness.

fulano5321 10-20-2016 03:13 PM

I've never seen what exactly happens with an illegal gate too.

But with the tornado, it seems it's meant to be really bad.

All you can do is stand near the main guys and heal them if it hits them.

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