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Daniel 06-04-2015 03:56 AM

Just annoyed with this town
Yesterday, i create a new world, but i getting annoyed because almost all Npc in this town is just get petrified, the Npc that doesn,t get petrified only steward, 3 townperson, and din that will nevet get petrified. Because of this, i only can get steward quest and it very much quest that i already lvl.18 and the monster are lvl.16 on average to hard even with low stress i cannot stand in that place anymore. Shadow, please don't all Npc that get petrified, i unable to complete this and without warmaster and apothecary.

fulano5321 10-20-2016 03:11 PM

It happens more than you'd think. This game is meant to force you to face failure from time to time. Not much bad happens when you do loose a town, but it's much more fun than always being able to win.

There are quests to un-petrify people, you just have to gradually do them until you get to the apothacary, who usually has the main list.

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