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DanSota 05-07-2019 01:44 PM

My Mods
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Alright, I figured I would make a post that has all of my mods conveniently in one place. Surprised I never did this way back when but hey, better late than never!

mod_3SkillHybrids_Exp1 - The new version of the 3 Skill Hybrid mod for Zombasite's expansion. Only real change was the size of the text, text boxes, and placement of said boxes. Now it makes it so you can easily see what the skill tree names are without going to the hybrid selection or clicking the numbers.

mod_NoXPDebt - Removes the experience debt when you die.

mod_SkillUntrainCost0 - Removes the fee to take points away from skills.

mod_ItemReqOverride - Removes all stat requirements for equipment.

mod_HealerCape - Adds a Cape equipment skill to the Healer skill tree.

DanSota 05-07-2019 01:50 PM

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mod_Attribute - Changes the amount of Attribute Points per level from 5 to 8.

mod_Experience - Changes the experience curve to reduce the grind.

mod_SkillPoints - Changes it so you start with more skill points and get more per level.

Mhek 05-08-2019 07:59 PM

Thanks for posting those! I found out about this game quite recently and I really like it. Some of your mods I already used, others I was not aware of and just found now here.

I have a question to these specific mods: mod_Attribute, mod_Experience, mod_SkillPoints
Do they work retroactively once my character levels up or would I need to start a new character to take full advantage of them?

I ask because when I quickly tested them on my bard, he was still lvl18 and still had the same amount of attribute and skill points. With the next level up, would the character update, like all extra attribute and skill points for each level and would he maybe go up several levels due to the changed experience table (e.g. going from lvl 18 straight to lvl 24 or something)?

Thanks again a lot for sharing your mods!

DanSota 05-14-2019 07:53 PM

To my knowledge it will only have an impact on the level ups after the mod is added, it won't make up for any levels you gained prior to having it. That said you can sort of work around that by cheating with something like Cheat Engine or modifying the mods in question to give you more points on level ups until the desired is achieved.

The mods are really just zipped files that can be opened in text editors like Word Pad and Notepad, all you'd have to do is open one and edit the number values. Sadly its probably easier to just start a new character, which should level up much faster due to the changes in the experience mod to severely reduce the grind curve.

puffintoast 05-27-2019 10:39 PM

Thankyou so much for all the mods - great work!

ulk_underscore 08-25-2019 07:18 AM

Hi, I just got into the game, thanks for your work with these mods!

I opened the files and it seems the experience mod includes other mods by mistake (no XP debt and more skill points).

ulk_underscore 08-28-2019 02:46 PM

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I fixed it and played the last couple of days without issues.

-removed attribute and skill changes from mod_Experience
-added Capes to mod_ItemReqOverride

DanSota 10-07-2019 10:44 PM

Oh, thanks! Sometimes I forget to clean mods up when I do stuff like that. I'm not exactly the best at that sort of thing.

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