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Draykoth 12-03-2012 10:44 PM

Character animation bug?
Never had this issue before, but everything seems fine except Kivi's walking animation appears to not fully complete and just loops constantly(as if skipping). I've played through this game multiple times, and this is the first I've seen of this issue, and couldn't find anyone having the same issue.

It's not game breaking in any way, but it's semi distracting. Any idea what could be causing it? I've tried reinstalling the game several times, and different video drivers to see if any of them solve it. I booted up Din's Curse, and that seems to be just fine.

Once again nothing major, just curious if there is a solution. Thanks for any help! :)

(For the record I am on 1.001 or whatever version Gamersgate has, can't upgrade to second version, but I see nothing mentioned regarding this in the change notes)

Shadow 12-04-2012 09:26 AM

I don't recall hearing this one. Does it happen on all maps or just one? If you restart the current adventure does that help?

Draykoth 12-04-2012 01:03 PM

It happens on all maps I've tested on regardless of character used, but sometimes randomly fixes for certain periods of time before going back into a weird skipping loop. No monsters are affected by this, just the player character. I'm not terribly concerned about it, just thought I'd see if anyone knew anything about it.

(It's just the animation, movement is fine)

* edit - What's odd is that nothing has changed since I last played this game, I keep my settings relatively the same, and play on the same drivers. So I really don't know what could be causing this. Guess I'll just live with it. :)

* edit again just for note, when I had the Holy Shield powerup, everytime I moved the sound effect would also reset with the character animation. I thought maybe the mouse I'm using was causing issues, however this doesn't seem to be the case idea.

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