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Shadow 03-14-2018 07:22 PM

Todo list
This is my entire todo list for Din's Legacy. It changes daily. I add things constantly from testing and feedback. I remove things often that aren't feasible or just don't fit. Just because something is on here, it just means I'm considering it, it doesn't mean it will ever happen. Also, the ordering doesn't always mean much.

Please feel free to comment on anything in here!

hook up Models/Creatures/MutatedFemale/Mutations/Exoskeleton/MutationExoskeleton_d.tga
hook up Models/Creatures/MutatedMale/Mutations/Exoskeleton/MutationExoskeleton_d.tga
hook up Models/Creatures/Mutations/Thorns/MutationThorns_d.tga
I'm 100% sure the forced mutation is buggy right now with how many wasted points I've had. (Ishiga)
hook up Models/Creatures/Mutations/Quills/MutationQuills_d.tga

several people having issues with ground tiles popping in and out (Addicted to Sadness/[DS] Fallen )-
When changing the screen resolution game crashes on Mac. (acidkiss/Luthius_Mac)
can I do glsl 1 little thing at a time? grab pointers to needed functions - like glClientActiveTextureARB, init,
compile, link, etc, turn on programs, glsl user var, get diffuse working, normal/spec mapping, shadow mapping
shadow mapping not working on Vista computer correctly

*Crashes/Infinite Loops/Corruption*
demo doesn't work for them - (BOYCOTT S-T-E-A-M!)
log stops after Unknown monster type MonsterZombieInvisible3-Unique! - next important thing after that is probably graphics system

And a QoL request: when I am looking at my NPC's equipment, disable comparison with my equipment, or even better,
allow comparison of items in my bags with his/her equipment. This could be a toggle button. (Notorious)
have a Flee button like the Victory button to take us to the next map? when lose timer is up (MikeLemmer)
When collecting mana/health in empty flasks, often the equipment tab will overlap the mana/healthstone making it awkward
to even bother collecting hp/mana in empty flasks. Would it be possible to have the equipment tab not in the center
of the screen? (beatsh4ck)
any chance we can get a percent explored indicator somewhere? for all the explorers out there! (henzor)
I found out the 'upgrade' functionality by pure luck (reading forums) (Swal)
Also people seem to agree that crafting isn't explained well in terms of boosting weapon power. (Bluddy)
My apothecary is stuck with a talk icon over her head. Talking to her doesn't make it go away. (Bluddy)
Seems like there's no instruction in the game how to get rid of Zombasite. Unlike in Zombasite itself, there should be
a tooltip explaining what works against the infection. (Bluddy)
open a town door and move, blip on map will disappear

invasion too early (level wise) (Zombasite) (Reginald_CZ)

can't get past certain spot CantGetPastSpot.png (Nirimetus)

Pain Delay + Bloodthirst doesn't seem to work together (Swal)
just demonic controlled a bulletin board... cool beans (DestroTheGod)
bug #2, please make lightning strike prioritze targets under cursor over puddles of water (DestroTheGod)
got skill Shatter of Shattering (Nirimetus)
So i dont understand those 2 situational assasin attacks: "precise strike", and "critical strike".. They both have
a condition that needs to be met in order to even use them. They have 1 sec attack time - which is kinda long. -
and neigther really do much more damage than simply spamming "lethal blow" (AuraForLaura)

*Slowdowns/fps issues/optimization*
Snow weather effect lower fps so much and makes the game laggy my spec ( 1080/16gb ram/ i7 6700 ) (Hobgoblin)

New World is a Duel, but I am trapped on top of the gate in a dark cave and cannot move. (davidb11)

When I was doing non-perm runs, I'd flick between Prayer and Focus: Damage to quickly buff it to 200% (combo) (DestroTheGod) // I did my new favorite lightning strike build, which I love because you
get all of the overpoweredness of melee in the form of a ranged multi-target ability. lightning blade too powerful?
I think the Berserk skill's debuff should stack: the more you use it repeatedly, the lower your defense goes.
Otherwise, I can just keep using it all the time, and it's fast too. Alternatively, it should have a cooldown. (Bluddy)

I just had a town where I picked up like 3 entertainers, but the only one that seemed to be adding to the happiness
was the one in my party. (Waku)
There are NPCs who cannot be recruited to your town, but can join your party. Except if they join your party, they also
join your town. So you just dump your current NPC and get the new one into your party and he joins your town
anyway. (Bluddy)

your change to make Contact with other clans free in the trade screen makes it so that you can buy all contacts
for free. An unintended side effect I imagine? Makes it suuuuper easy to offload items for gold now, hehe (DestroTheGod)

changling change takes a while to trigger when has taken enough damage already

The game keeps minimizing whenever I try to click on the hotbar (2560x1440 resolution). I’ve tried borderless window,
full screen, bounding the mouse to game, everything. Can’t click on my hotbar (like to assign a skill, for
example). (KevinC)
I had someone raid my town but for whatever reason I couldn't attack the creature attacking my door at all. I went to
war with the clan and that solved it but they sent in everyone they had and killed my town. (Chiaki Nanami)
Also I'm playing as a loner character, so no clan-mates, and at one point when recycling some gloves I got the message
that they were given to someone called "Brett", and I got what was apparently their old gloves in my inventory
instead! (Zombasite) (Romløk) vendor in town?
items in town armory given to the bulletin board (huh?) (Notorious)
vendor in town wandered off while I was trading with him (Notorious)
I am able to attack the door in a clan I'm at peace with. (Chiaki Nanami)
First, when I started the Survival map, my base's stuff was halfway across the map from my Healthstone. I had to use
the One-Time Warp to find it. When I restarted the game and rejoined the map, everything ended up together. For some
reason, this mode also caused my computer to chug like mad, dropping to single FPS. (MikeLemmer)
After this patch, my Arctic Shard can no longer target enemy town doors. If I already have the door targeted, pressing
the hotkey untargets the door. (Romløk)
Fortunately, I can still *hit* the door if I target the ground beyond the door.
looked at this couldn't reproduce
make sure is working correctly - As title, I have no idea how to get sudden death kills. I have a few but when I
actively try to get them I cannot. Tried ranged and melee attacks+skills from stealth and not stealth. Doesn't seem to
work. What is the trick to them? (Major Twitch)

*New stuff*
There are 4 types of special hits that have a chance of happening on every melee hit (2 can also happen on magic attacks). (risa)
The fps drop seem to be caused by those seed like things that spawn on the ground sometimes. (Nirimetus)
add Only Hope character option back in? (Calubob)
amorphs could have very high lightning + fire resistance (earth being resistant to lightning and fire). Characters wearing metal would have low lightning resistance (I actually wish you could go below 0 and be extra vulnerable, but that's a different story). Mages would be resistant to magic; fire mages highly resistant to fire (I know this part exists, but it can be increased for this game). Furry animals could be resistant to cold; etc. (Bluddy)
teleported and got stuck GotStuck.jpg (Espr)
autocontinue combat stuff, starting too quickly? (JackintheBox)
So, just to confirm, are level 9 Elite zombie dune scorpions supposed to have over 800 HP? (davidb11)
I just used 13 mutation points trying to get basic defense from classes and failed. (Update: 23 points in total now (davidb11)
I was having mana related problems with my assassin when I noticed that the Energizing Block effect didn't seem to change despite the skill being leveled up. (the status effect shows as level 1 even if skill is higher) (Logorouge)
Tweak relationships mechanics during raids - Just got raided by chaos clan. After killing very first attacker, got "the last warning" from clan that was friends with them (kinda like "stop attacking my friend, or you will pay"). (*Yuki*)
I'm almost certain LB damage calculation is wrong. I do 1.2M crushing with it, while whirlwind only does 67K crushing. (Same skill levels), no additional lightning damage equipped (Swal)
Unholy Vitality from mutation doesn't benefit from extra status time. (at least it doesn't when linked to Adrenaline) (Swal)
Mutation Heaing Aura doesn't affect the caster (Swal)
can't get to Timberland Rose.chr / Crowshield.wld (Espr)
Hex? - the warlock talent/skill It cost 6 point to use this skill. It seems veeeery underpowered and kinda useless. What am i missing? (AuraForLaura)
staves have lower spell damage than wands (Misfit)
BaseStaff - SpellDamageMultBase 0.01 / BaseWand - SpellDamageMultBase 0.02
still have some follower across win issues (Olowokandi)
altar stuck in wall - picture at (chesse20)
Evil pool gave me .3 poison damage per second as a debuff, don't think evil pool poison downside scales (chesse20)
Bug: Character Disappeared? I was creating a new map to explore outside areas, finishing the quest line, deleting the completed map, and creating a new one. After about 3 times, I created a new map and it started with the help screen. I closed it out to see I was a level 1 nothing. When I checked my saves, nothing was there. (Cutebleeder)
I have skills that lower it to 84% price to enchant, but price is still 100% (shown on item) (chesse20)
can you attack menchants that are being a problem? (BorkFate)
make sure quest monsters are spawning correctly in save_and_world.rar

Shadow 03-15-2018 07:20 PM

shadow mapping?
now getting knockback from explosion & radius damage & radius damage coming from parent position instead of projectile/
explosion position
only shows 40 skills on choose mutation partner screen
set up arrow anim variants?
remove extra knockback from DevastatingBlow
better status effect print on skills
hits up to 4 extra nearby enemies should move to target section
add skill icon to highlight text like item?

Shadow 03-19-2018 06:54 PM

monster icons might look better with alpha
quests showing up with green * and v
could do shadows in small chunks - setup a frame buffer, render scene to frame buffer (only depth) from light's perspective,
draw scene per light/angle, use depth buffer & light, if can't see pixel alpha 1.0 of can 0.0, alphaTest to skip drawing,
adds to stensil buffer, then draw screen rectangle - blend black texture only where stensil is set (can I do on projected
shadows to speed up?)
monsters that hate each other might prioritize attacking each other over player
_ destroys Black Death (I did but no clan name)
can't turn on brazier in Gloomy Caverns
shadows go crazy every once in a while in cave
riposte not working after parry?
in last man standing one of them basically got stuck in adventure behavior i a dead end - would walk around but would
never leave that block
gaining a mutant level scares everyone away temporarily? big morale drop?
maybe explosions should have some knockback just not as much?
got majestic gardens of fire explored twice & wasn't even fully explored
healthstone/lifestone should regen stamina
maybe do shadow mapping above ground and projected shadows below?
fire chance has chance of burning (fire dot like deep wounds)
ice damage has chance of wet, frost, or frozen?
killed frozen enemy shatters - chance of leaving ice & no deady body
torch spots have collision tiles so can't walk through spot even after destroyed
when break lit brazier should shower sparks around

better environment interactions
Strong wind should disperse things like poison clouds & fire (tornado skill, wind traps, etc)
does water go to ice if hit with cold damage?
poison clouds should explore when hit by fire?
fire + water = steam (fog like cloud, short time)
water barrels?
electricity can go along water?
change random torch random damage to a spark that works like volcano but much smaller & less range
fire causes smoke, works like fog?
fog in level needs to work like fog object
if on steep hill liquid more likely to keep going?
can weather lightning hurt?
should it be like an explosion at target point?
weather lightning would be cool of it was small damage but decent knockback
rain gives wet status effect (more lightning damage, less fire)
intact house should keep you from rain?
drips on water have chance of spreading that water
ice bomb has chance of leaving ice
lava flow from volcanos

Shadow 03-20-2018 07:01 PM

new stuff
ai should run to noise location not add enemy to hate list
do I spawn far enough out?
water on ground + fire = steam
fire out out with water = smoke
both block vision + attack/defense debuff, steam goes away quicker
lava + water/cold = steam (lava stays)
if 2 points are same height random which one liquid goes down
liquid slowly goes down hill? and pools?
more breakable objects? esp in dungeons
webs should just attach to player & slow down instead of getting in way?
steam also makes things wet
blocks will slowly regrow
do I change seasons ever?
weather, season, & day/night cycle need to change things - some things spawn more, more aggressive, or town attacks
burned areas makes monsters more aggressive
what can affact weather?
tornados/lightning have chance to start storm?
blocks grow back faster in rain
rain scroll? treasure map with rain drop on it
saurians like rain, dark elves like night, dogs louder at night
nightmare - crazy respawn at night - nightmarish/of nightmares
some monsters might flee area or uprising disband because of weather
falling rocks should be immune to falling rocks
storms can spread or move?
reptiles hate snow
destroy a manastone get a BreakableEnergyVortex?

Shadow 03-21-2018 07:43 PM

new stuff
all basic skills should give you some bonus for skill levels
is world size working?
way to never miss messages?
don't leave screen until you hit x
recent messages box that you can clear?
remove new colorized textures of human & mutated models?
Marked for Death (Powerstrike) - stats are crazy with Powerstrike at level 1 - SimplePerLevel problem?
should lose certain scenarios if die
got hell storm and fire strike on whirlwind (both suffix?)

Shadow 03-22-2018 07:01 PM

new stuff
minor darkness penalty, darkness penalty, and major darkness penalty
attack, defense, perception, and casting penalties
normal night - minor
really dark cave/dungeon with no extra lights - major
nearby light sources helps
do this for player & npcs, player every second, npcs every 5 or so
more light from player increases monster aggression range though
night vision/ultravision adds light from player perspective but not monsters
put green enhancement dots on darkness penalty
do ambushes automatically add player as enemy? do they go through full sight time? should they immediately look for enemies?
when snowing get cold buff - increased fire resistance
remove stamina as a test
TrapWaterBig not spreading
verify mipmaps are created well
draw logo with a shadow so stands out a little better?

Shadow 03-23-2018 07:08 PM

new stuff
can I add 0.02 chance of yellow mold hazard to all zombies? yes in archetype
do traps that affect all in range get all entities in range n squared times?
liquid bug
spawnObject TrapAlcohol
hit with whirlwind
spawnObject EmptyVial
can't pick up alcohol
need to stand still to throw ice bombs and other similar things
make logo smaller?
make TM on logo smaller

Shadow 03-26-2018 07:15 PM

new stuff
need to add some skills to models list
skills need way to modify model (probably simple attachment)
for dungeons could just draw shadows from a static sun position that would simplify it a lot & still look good
could pick different angle per map but that might be weird
I have (had) a possesed NPC, and I got a victory condition. (ibitato)
I went ahead with the game, and now the NPC is still possesed and there are no quests or anything to cure the NPC.
It's the only NPC i have on the clan
logistic victory food probably
sings still have prefix/suffix in them for town

Shadow 03-27-2018 06:55 PM

new stuff
hook up energyShield.wav
make other fires blow out with high wind?
storms need random wind gusts with sound
wind gusts do knockback?
anything of a certain size causes earthquakes/screen shakes on footsteps (based on weight?)
less earthquake, more screen shake
automatically change to heavy footsteps if over certain weight?
ghosts or liches can smoke move? (turn into smoke move really fast and can go through objects)

Shadow 03-28-2018 07:11 PM

new stuff
I encountered a wrong location in the quest description. (Tyakraman)
In the region "Remnants of Iulia of Acid" were two dungeons, the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1" and the "Lost Pit lvl 1".
The quest "Kill the Tiny Mud Amorph hunter" said, that the monster was to be found in the "Insane Sullen Crypt lvl 1", but when I couldn't find it and pinged its location, a marker was placed in the "Lost Pit lvl 1" (the "v" marker still pointed to the wrong location though).
Chain lightning targeting bug(?) (Romløk) this has been on the Zombasite list, just moved it over
I've been trying out a lightning build, and from what I can tell the Chain Lightning spell doesn't work as I'd expect. I'm not sure if it's WAI or not, but the current behaviour feels unintuitive:
I would expect the lightning bolt to hit the initial target, then bounce to another in the vicinity of that target. Instead, it seems to only chain to other targets (enemies, breakables) which are near to the player's location.
sometimes not getting level name on map once discovered
demon invasion scenario not having enough demon problems
attack/radar fix too much change?
when critter changes direction could do something fancy - run away from player, fire, towards obelisks, etc
rats run towards dead bodies & away from fire
bats fly away from light
spiders follow giant spiders
small chance yellow mold zombifies monster exposed

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