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fulano5321 11-05-2015 02:47 PM

Is there a way to un-summon a pet?
I've noticed playing as a necromancer the game auto-picks which minion to kill when I summon another based on it's level.

That's a problem though when it'll replace the level 3 fully upgraded scavenger instead of the level 5 scree that I accidentally summoned.

I'm basically left hoping the higher level minion dies so I can summon something better, and if I find something better I can't raise it because it disappears so soon.

Just wondering if there is a solution to this, thanks!

DanSota 11-05-2015 11:45 PM

I don't think there is a way to do that sadly.

fulano5321 11-06-2015 02:07 AM

I suspect not as well, seems I'm stuck with just intentionally not healing the one I want to get rid of.

That'd be a really nice feature to add if they decide they want to patch this game again. ;)

Still, I love the game. My brother says I need to try the space one... we'll see.

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