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Shadow 09-22-2016 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by ( Tchey ) (Post 81909)
Why such plans ? You feel Zombasite is "done" ?

No matter what the next thing is, there will still be several more Zombasite patches.

( Tchey ) 09-23-2016 11:30 AM


what is your secret then ? Drox 2 *wet dreams* ?

Shadow 09-23-2016 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by ( Tchey ) (Post 81914)
what is your secret then ? Drox 2 *wet dreams* ?

The non-expansion idea that I'm thinking about is in the DoP/DC/Zombasite world. I haven't made any real decisions yet though.

( Tchey ) 09-23-2016 03:14 PM

It will be ARPG too ?

I suppose there is a public, but myself as example, i didn't feel interested into the lastest Spiderweb game, Avadon 3, because it feels way too close to the previous games.

Was almost the case with Zombasite and your other games, but i support it to see "the next step of Soldak".

Not sure if it makes any sense outside of my mind...


If you do an expansion, i hope to see at least two fully new full class.

Shadow 10-20-2016 11:37 AM


Originally Posted by oux (Post 81832)
Any news about releasing Zombasite on GOG?
I use GOG because I regularly play on a notebook without internet connection. And it is very convenient for me to save an installer of the game on a USB device and install it later.

It sounds like we are going to get on GOG. I don't have any kind of date yet though.

oux 10-24-2016 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 81953)
It sounds like we are going to get on GOG. I don't have any kind of date yet though.

Thank you!
It is not like I prefer game distribute services to direct payment, but I can't use the payment system your site using at the moment.

Looking forward to see ADD-ON to Zombasite and new announcements!

Shadow 10-27-2016 03:33 PM

Looks like the Zombasite release on GOG is going to happen tomorrow!

abomination5 10-27-2016 06:48 PM

Really enjoying this - just as addicted to it as I was Din's a few years ago. I think it's great that you kept a lot of the classes and abilities from Din's. It's just enough familiarity with a dash of freshness... for example passives on each skill to help encourage some diversity. One of my gripes with Diablo 2 & Din's was the over reliance on just one or two skills.

A little bit of persistence between maps is also great. Makes it just that much more personal when one of your longtime clansmen is killed.

One question, is there a reward for completing a map? I was going Din's style, trying to compete maps as quick as possible. You used to get a reward chest for that, but in Zombasite that doesn't seem to be the case for certain win conditions.

I got alliance/logistics wins a few times and I didn't see any reward?

Also, would be nice to have some more in-depth information about clan management (expedition types, happiness). I'm slowly figuring it out, but the manual was pretty vague and doesn't go over each item in detail.

Destro* 10-27-2016 07:15 PM


If you have any questions just feel free to ask on the forums.

All of the rewards can be seen by going to the Clan Information Screen (can get through through UI icon on bar at the bottom). Then, press "Win Progress". If you hover over each win condition, the rewards will be revealed on tooltips.

For clan management, well, they are kind of like that. You just figure them out as you go. But, their effects are kind of intuitive. If people aren't happy, they will fight and potentially leave. If they are happy, then they won't leave and there are even buffs they can acquire.

Expeditions are another kind of trial by fire matter. The tooltip gives basic info, but you really have to use them to get a feel for how they work. I can give more info, but I feel that it's kind of spoilery, so read on at your own risk.

-- Spoilers --

If you choose to hunt/forage, make sure the relevant area stat is high. The tooltips tell you what you need. Potions = need High Foraging % when sending out people to the area, and it's good to use people with the foraging skill as well (or whatever it's called, I just know there is one). Also, it's recommended to have them go to the highest level area possible (assuming they can survive) for the best potions.

Personally, I think the most valuable use of expeditions is their ability to create portals near areas that you may not have acquired the portal to with raids. A raid lets you move to a location really quickly, though it puts you at war with the other clan. Though, I only play loner, so this backlash usually never matters to me because I just let my hearthstone be destroyed *shrug*. How you choose to use this method is up to you.

-- Spoilers --

abomination5 10-27-2016 08:05 PM

Why do you prefer a loner? What I'd he lose condition in that scenario?

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