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shrimpfarmer 10-15-2012 05:47 AM

Best time to add the upgrade ?
As this is my first post here hello to everyone :)

My wife and I have just discovered Din's Curse and are having great fun playing multiplayer over LAN.

What would seasoned players advice be on the best time to add Demon War into the mix? Does Demon War improve the original gameplay of Din's Curse or just add new content?



Castruccio 10-15-2012 02:36 PM

Welcome to the forums.

I would say that for $4.99 Demon War is a must buy. The additional world modifiers and the new class are well worth the price, and it's really just more of what you love about Din's Curse. If you play the game a lot like I do, you will also appreciate the new environments in the mix.

Amberjoy 10-15-2012 04:37 PM

I'd say play the original game first for a while till you get the hang of it, then add the Demon War. I have the original on my main computer and both together on my laptop. That way I can play which ever I'm in the mood for! :)

Zillion 11-25-2012 03:55 PM

I second Amberjoy
...especially for the price. I've been playing Din's for a long time and still play it today. T'is an awesome game indeed. It's by Soldak, whaddya expect? :D

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