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Bluddy 04-30-2019 01:10 PM

At the same time, the way to balance summoner classes is by demanding that they have high mana. Summoned monsters should eat up a certain amount of mana per second. Therefore, you have to think carefully about summoning too many monsters. The easiest way to do that currently is through auras.
EDIT: Now I remember why I didn't implement this: in multiplayer, all players would lose mana. It needs some wiring to make it so only the owning player loses mana.

Bluddy 04-30-2019 10:15 PM

I still think that using items for magic damage is the best way to balance the game (and all the fantasy games going forward). I just played a level 9 mage. By investing points into Fiery Blast, I could get it up to level 5. It was doing around 40 dps, when the good swords were doing around 10 dps. It wouldn't be hard to get it further up to 50 dps, etc.

There's just no good way to balance this. I don't have skill points to put in to other things, but I can kill enemies way too easily. You'd have to put in level limits, like I did in the DC mod. That's a huge pain to calculate.

Much easier to put in natural level limits using items and their stat requirements, and to have the spells boost weapon spell damage by certain percentages that grew slowly as you invested in the skill. Increasing things like spell radius would also make more sense then -- it doesn't make sense when you're forced to invest in the skill to keep it up to date anyway -- what does it matter that the radius went up? You had to put points in since that's your main skill. But it does matter when it's a real choice.

Bluddy 05-01-2019 09:25 AM

One note is that if weapons are used as base spell damage, they must also specify base mana cost, or at least an added mana cost. Otherwise, there's little need to invest in a large mana pool for a wizard, as you could just have one level of e.g. fireball and keep using low mana, just as a warrior could.

Bluddy 05-02-2019 07:04 PM

Another option, if weapon spell damage is not acceptable, is to have base spell damage and mana use come automatically from level, and have all spell modify that, e.g. Earthquake level 1 could be 20%-40% of base damage, and 150% of base mana usage.

You're basically kinda doing that -- there's an implicit passive percentage that goes up the more spells you buy. Computing what that is though, and balancing it is really difficult.

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