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Bluddy 02-14-2011 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by Nim (Post 22270)
No shared stash in HC I'm afraid.

OK good point. Maybe hardcore mode should be given 2 bags to begin with. It's hard enough as it is.


I don't. Running back and forth more often to sell crap just because I have a small inventory is not my definition of fun. But then I don't like the whole inventory system anyway.
Well, if you're determined to sell every last thing you find, you'll overload any (reasonable) carrying capacity, and you'll squander one of the main resources in the game, which is time. I think the smaller inventory in the beginning encourages you to be picky about what you take with you and limits how much money you generate by selling junk, unless you're willing to run back and forth.

There has to be some inventory limit -- weight limits would have been just as 'bad' if not worse than the current system, and I think a random limit that's based on exploration/luck is more enjoyable or just as good as having restrictions by strength or some other criteria.

Again though, I agree hardcore characters need to be given more inventory space to begin with.


Sure could but whats the point ? There are so many design desicions I fundamentally disagree with and so many obvious flawed skills that haven't been tackled that I think this is intentional.
Well, fundamental design decisions are probably not going to change, but flawed skills could use input (even if it's not ultimately used). There are many class/skill possibilities and relatively few users, so the more input there is about specific skills, the more imbalances can be fixed.

Nim 02-14-2011 09:37 AM


Well, if you're determined to sell every last thing you find, you'll overload any (reasonable) carrying capacity
See and that is not true at all once you have 3 Knappsacks or better. I pick up everything atm and I'm playing at Very Fast + Fast NPCs and I don't have to run back and forth to town that often anymore. The inventory is a problem for the first 20-30 lvls, maybe 40 if you're unlucky with bag drops/vendors. So why have a limited inventory at all ? What does it really add to the game ?


There has to be some inventory limit
Why HAS there to be some limit ?

Shadow 02-14-2011 10:55 AM

I haven't changed bag drop rates in ages.

Knowing which skills people feel are useless would be extremely helpful.

The quality food was a way to add more steps but was also a way to add more food without screwing up every food item's level in the game. For example if I added more at the high level and rearranged the levels, everyone would end up with food that is worth less than what they paid for it.


Originally Posted by Bluddy (Post 22267)
I think characters that have an easy time don't have any trouble money-wise, because the most expensive stuff is the food and potions which have inflation.

BTW, all item prices have inflation. It's not something special for food or potions.

DeathKnight1728 02-14-2011 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 22276)

Knowing which skills people feel are useless would be extremely helpful.

Inferno for demonologist. Its 1 damage per second per level becomes useless after lvl 10. Most enemies have fire resistance to stop that really early on. Would it be possible to make that damage 1 or 2% damage per level that is based off the damage of your weapon but is fire damage still.

dhex 02-14-2011 12:27 PM

riposte? at the very least it seems worthless, but perhaps it's too transparent/quick for me to see it at work?

DeathKnight1728 02-14-2011 01:04 PM

Actually riposte is almost too good as it is. You get 50% damage bonus and 40% crit bonus at level 1, and it goes up by that amount every level. If you calculate that out that is-800% critical chance and 1000% bonus damage at lvl 20. Thats the highest damage attack in the game. The only downside is you have to be defensive and get a lot of parries and blocks. Its one of those attacks that when it hits, the opponent is usually in pieces.

dhex 02-14-2011 01:06 PM

thanks. i'm going to have to take a look later and see what my parry skills are up to (generally use two handed weapons on a vanilla warrior build) because i don't seem to parry that often.

alstein 02-14-2011 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 22276)
I haven't changed bag drop rates in ages.

Knowing which skills people feel are useless would be extremely helpful.

Ok, I'll list by class what I see as useless in the base game, starting with priests

Paladin Shield Bash- just an underpowered skill across the board
Zeal- not worth 6 pts.

Paladins need more in general I believe, Din's Additionals has some great stuff- though some of it is OP in my eyes.


Cure Poison- needs to be linked to a Cure Fire like in Din's additions, maybe even a Cure Acid.

Holy Shield - useful, but needs to be stronger or have longer effective time or less recharge time with level. This is a general problem with your skills.


Champion- recharge time too long

I'd say Shamans need more skills also.



Power Strike- skill isn't bad, but Perfect Strike is better for a higher mana cost, which is negligible, so it's underpowered in that sense. Maybe if you used devastating blow more, which I don't use, but can see a reason to use.


Cleave- the damage malus needs to go.

Savage Strike- unsure it's worth 6 points


Shield Bash- see Paladin

Revenge- seems too situational with too short a time to use. Maybe the skill should be automatic?

Retaliation- not worth 8 points.



Caltrops- too much cooldown time, maybe cut it by level some?

Concentration Skills- too much cooldown time here also


Sleight of Hand- does anyone use this?

Feint- not worth 6 points, effect doesn't last long enough?


Spot Vulnerability- too expensive

Critical Strike- should be automatic perhaps?

Will post part 2 now.

alstein 02-14-2011 02:31 PM

Part 2
Fire Mage

Flame Blade- time should increase with level up to recharge time. 5secs/level perhaps

Ice Mage

Ice Armor- less recharge time/longer effect time by level

Concentration- why is this a 1pt skill for gladiators and 6pt for Ice Mages?

Permafrost- this is worth 8 pts how? It's nowhere near as good as the good 8 pt skills.


Blinding Flash- needs a slight power up or reduction in cooldown timer

Arcane Blast- should be quicker

Magic Shield- needs to be stronger, or less recharge time

Arcane Drain- should perhaps give the caster life and have duration increased to 10 secs?

Arcane Swarm- horrible at 8pts. Needs to do vastly more damage.


Marked for Death- vastly overpriced at 6pts. Might be worth 1 or 2.




Mana Regen- needs to be a passive effect- not a spell, or have its effect increase by 1min/level until it reaches 5.


Curses- need either a range increase with level, or a separate skill for 2-3 pts which increases radius by 2 ft/level, capped at 7.

fine, but needs an additional skill


Lich- could stand to be cheaper, or a stronger effect


Chain Lightning- needs to work on more targets

Thunderbolt - if stun is nerfed, lightning mastery should work on it

Ball Lightning/Lightning Swarm- need more effectiveness


Charge, Rampage- need cooldowns reduced by level
Breach- needs to be cheaper 4 pt skill perhaps

Shield Blast- why is a 3pt skill= 1pt Shield Bash for other classes, and Shield Bash underpowered as is?

Shield Sweep- for 8 pts should have a minimal recharge time

Wards- should also have recharge reduce by level


Inferno- underpowered, should be a toggle (maybe have it drain mana until you turn it off)

Blood Sacrifice- damage you take should go up by less per level. Maybe +1 per level, otherwise fine

Blood Rage- underpowered at 6 pts. Maybe should be automatic

Circles- should have reduced recharge time by level.

Jorlen 02-14-2011 03:43 PM

Class skills and re-balancing should probably be it's own thread.

We could keep all suggestions there and have a big discussion about this; I'd be happy to contribute.

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