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Delilah Rehm 12-31-2008 02:35 AM

Sneak Peek #17: Gorm the Barbarian Mage
Fantastical Creature Reality Show Contestant Sneak Peek #17: Gorm the Barbarian Mage

Gorm, a barbarian mage from Aleria in the Depths of Peril world, wears heavy emerald cloth armor. He has chestnut colored hair, a short beard and bushy eyebrows. His maple staff holds an opal sphere at its crown.

Interviewer: Youíre the fourth barbarian to make the final round. Do you think that will hurt your chance to make the show?

Gorm: I donít think so. Mages know how to perform and the viewers know it. The other professions canít compete with magic.

Interviewer: You sound confident. What strengths and weakness do you have when it comes to surviving on the island?

Gorm: Magic is definitely a strength. When not practicing my technique, I often engage in fantasizing about my future. This might get in the way if I donít notice whatís going on with the other players. It will be a challenge for me to minimize my daydreaming.

Interviewer: What kind of magic can you perform?

Gorm: I specialize in the cold. Ice and water bend to my will and come to me from the ether.

Interviewer: I guess fresh water wonít be a problem for you. Do you think the other contestants will think youíre too powerful to keep on the island?

Gorm: They might, but they wonít get rid of me. Iíll have ice to cool them down and water to drink. Theyíll want to get rid of me, but they wonít.

Interviewer: Why should viewers vote you onto the island?

Gorm: For the show! Who else can perform fantastic acts of magic? Certainly not that sorcerer. I bring spectacle to behold.

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