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eidolad 11-07-2012 10:23 PM

best weapon combos
I haven't found a better combo than: 1 x fighter, 2 x EMP for the beginning and middle games (i.e. up to level 48), and have enough energy regen components to keep the EMPs at max fire rate.

- the fighters draw a lot of fire and offer some offense

- the EMP are very big area of effect, don't seem to miss, and are highly lethal

- the only weakness with EMPs that I've found is that they don't damage planets fast enough

I'd like to use beams etc. but they punch only one opponent at a time...which really is not good when being dogged by a fighter mob. The EMPs kill mobs with ease.

...does any other weapon combo even come close?

Sedlex 11-08-2012 08:15 PM

Here's some stuff I've used as standard on ships ranging all levels (not all at the same time obviously!):

- Bombs are pretty much the go-to weapon for all your needs
- Lightning fields
- EMP Wave
- Virus/Trojan/Botnet
- Pulsar generators (does not affect planets)
- Missiles (always have a faster or mass killing weapon as backup)

It all depends how you build your toy :) All of those are viable. My current setup since level 40 or so, and up to my current 85 is: bomb, laser, lightning field, virus weapon. With one energy leech for regen, I can keep it up indefinitely.

Weakness of fighters is that once they start going down in a mob, you're screwed unless you have a massive energy store.

eidolad 11-09-2012 08:40 AM

thx just tried out da bombs...i like their damage/radius/rate of fire and the additional "fly to point of cursor" whereas the emp immediately fires and affects all in radius of ship. nice range for the bombs. I don't like their flight time before the boom delay which keeps me preferring the emps for the overall DPS for really big fights. but i can see while you consider them so solid.

ah yes, I left out the lightning field i started using in later game for planet assaults

I would like to like, the beam and missile weapons...i really would, but they are just not equal to the area-effect weapons at this point. a "diablo II style chain lightning and piercing" beamer? yummm

...mirv or scatter pack (star fleet battles) missiles anyone?

...and now also all i want for xmas is an "alpha strike" hot key for groups of weapons...

Valgor 11-09-2012 09:38 AM

You're right, eidolad; EMPs are awesome. I combine them with components that increase critical hit chances to make them real crowd pleasers.

One mistake I made when I started playing the beta was underestimating the power of kinetic weapons, though (at first, I assumed Ram Accelerators would actually accelerate my ship
up to ramming speed instead of firing projectiles...) . Yes, they do a bit less damage than beams, they don't hit instantly and they fire a lot slower, but!
Kinetic weapons don't suffer from damage degradation over long range, their projectiles are still fast enough to catch up with speedster enemies and most surprisingly,
their slower firing speed actually helps in that it allows for my ship's energy to recharge inbetween shots and thus to keep firing continuously without running dry.

Professor Paul1290 11-09-2012 09:52 AM

Right now I'm using a bit of a mixed loadout with a railgun, a "virus" weapon, a fighter bay, "deadly aim", and mines.

I think the effect of the virus also applies to the fighter's weapons but I'm not entirely sure. The loadout has been working fairly well anyway.

I usually try to keep at arms length with railgun + virus + deadly aim while keeping the fighter swarm up and run in occasionally to drop a mine if I'm not drawing too much fire.

eidolad 11-09-2012 10:27 AM

hmmm the battle commanders posting up heeyah must have aced their academy training...I hadn't really thought about/integrated passive boni like more criticals, better to hit, etc...

I just concentrate on rate of fire/DPS and energy regen/leech. I want things to begin to die as I hit paired or tripled the mapped keys, the EMPS *instantly* damage everything around...and I just need to time the reload rate closely to fire as soon as they are ready again.

I also..just...cannot...give up those highly leveled crew members in those light slots I like to bus around. not sure how I would integrate passive bonus strategy in there. I guess I will have to lay someone off.

Finally, why EMPs still rule for me: these beauties take up *medium slots* not heavy slots...that is huge for my early ship builds.

...and hoping a certain very active developer doesn't peek here and think hmm what about a boss monster or two that uses dual EMPs themselves? well then my fighter squadron would then be toast wouldn't it? we cannot have that, obviously. players would RAGE, well no. And an EMP trap or two would be totally unfair as well. we cannot have that either.

Now making midships turn and veering off topic: by the way there is that neutral ship class that fires the triple missile salvo (that does almost no damage in early game) there a player weapon system like that? that would make a missile system more attractive to me if it had some punch...

Professor Paul1290 11-09-2012 11:59 AM

Well, there are things that kind of toast fighters already, even if they're rather infrequent most of the time. (goddamn mines) :p

Swarming missiles would be nice, though I'm not sure if they're already in there or not as I don't use missiles very much.

alstein 11-12-2012 04:51 AM

cloaks are useful as well, especially if you have good getaway speed. Missiles+ damage boost from cloaking can be insane.

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