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Kanjutsu 10-07-2015 07:13 PM

Subrace Question

I have a quick question about Subrace.

Me and my brother have player a coupes of sector but we never see the new subrace from the expansion appear except when we unlocked them.

What I mean is in our couples of recent sector we have NEVER seen a single subrace appear except for Ancients.

Is this normal?

I really want to meet Barbarians or others Subrace and have more diversity sadly it seems I'm either not understanding something or the subrace are only there to be unlocked and then they don't appear?

Thanks for any info on the subject.

joku 10-08-2015 12:29 AM

You'll never see a sub-race start out in a new sector unless you've unlocked them first by seeing/helping them emerge. The sub-races arise through unusual circumstances. For example, you might get a quest from the Cortex to help them stop a rebel group of Telepaths. Instead of helping the Cortex, you could help the rebels. Help them enough and they're able to start a revolution and gain control of their own planet, establishing themselves as the new Telepath sub-race.

There are many different ways to unlock the various sub-races. Keep an eye out for unique names (such as Telepaths, Asexuals, Apes, etc.) in the text of the quests you get.

Kanjutsu 10-09-2015 08:17 PM

I see but the main issues me and my brother are having is that we have unlocked of bunch of sub-race but we never see them in the sector we create.

Like for example, I have unlocked Barbarians, AI and a bunch of others but never have I seen them in a game so far except for when I unlocked them.

That is why I was asking if they appear after you unlock them because it seems to be just basic race appear which I found to be quiet disappointing.

joku 10-10-2015 12:26 AM

OK, I think I understand you now. When you unlock a sub-race, it has to survive to the end of the sector in order for it to emerge in the galaxy. Once it has emerged, it has a chance of showing up as a starting race on a new sector.

If the sub-race gets killed off before you complete the sector, then it will not emerge in the galaxy and you won't ever see it again until you repeat the circumstances that made them show up the first time.

If you change to a new galaxy when you start a new sector, then none of the sub-races that have emerged in a previous galaxy will show up in the new one until you unlock them again.

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