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Destro* 10-27-2016 02:21 PM

Are Traits Hard-Coded?
I'm trying to manipulate the traits in statuseffects.gdb and not having any success.

For example, the default values for "StatusEffectTraitSoulEater" are 0.01 for both leeches and -1.0 for the regen's, which represent 1% leech and -100% regen. And, I know from testing that this isn't the case for either, and that they are actually operating at 3% and -75% respectively (which is intended). And, changing the values doesn't change the text in-game nor produce any different results. So, it seems like the values in statuseffects.gdb have no effect on the traits.

I'm working on a large overhaul mod and really need to be able to modify traits to make the mode balanced. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Shadow 10-27-2016 04:36 PM

I'm guessing that you are looking at the wrong version. You always want to start with the version of a file that is in, if it is in there. Basically assets004 is the patch and overrides what is in the other 3 zip files.

Destro* 10-27-2016 04:58 PM

Thanks for the fast response!

Indeed, I have been using assets001, which explains why the values were wrong. Woops!

I was actually starting to realize a bunch of other inconsistencies and was trying to figure out where I was going wrong (like Death Knight not being in skills.gdb in assets001)... so this helps a bunch.

Anyway, the field names are the same between assets01 and assets004, so the changes that I'm making should work. However, I'm getting no results. Modifying skills, skill trees, status effects and everything else has worked so far except for Soul Eater, so I'm going to see if I have problems with other traits before saying anything further.

Edit: Yeah, no luck with the Warewolf or Vampire traits. I can't change their field values at all. I'm assuming that they if those three aren't working (vastly different traits), then none of them can be changed. But, I'll keep testing nonetheless. The worst case scenario is I just have to remove traits from all skill trees, but oh well. *shrug* I'll see how things turn out.

Defiant 11-17-2016 01:29 PM

I've been thinking about changing those traits to be more like Depths of Peril bonuses. Only one trait in zombasite I would consider using as they are now.

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