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Shadow 10-12-2020 05:57 PM

Upcoming changes in version 0.821
  • added textures for new planet types
  • added icons for new planet types
  • fixed system map help screen
  • turned off moving mouse on first menu
  • fixed bags not scaling correctly after ui_scale changes went in
  • can no longer get Drox icon as a system control icon
  • fixed player added waypoint position being off some
  • fixed energy flow not working with some components (gou)

Shadow 10-13-2020 05:57 PM

  • can now get crew from level up even if that race is not present in your current sector (gou)
  • fixed fighters leveling up and disappearing (Excellion/Eris Shrugged)
  • added sorting help to equipment help screen
  • fixed a way that races that can start mid game (like ancients) sometimes had a random name (Kurama Kitsune/Excellion/FicusCat)
  • now ancient ships get their name shown in game since they are a more elite enemy (Eris Shrugged)
  • changed a bunch of negative population growth debuff values on planets to make more sense (like Hypercane & Giant Spiders) (Boink/Eris Shrugged)
  • no longer show home planet icon if haven't met race yet
  • increased Offensive Dampening Field range from 200.0 to 500.0 (Boink)
  • now stars in multi-star systems have suffix to make their name unique (A, B, or C) (Eris Shrugged)
  • fixed damage % display on Ambush skill (Eris Shrugged)
  • now show race icon/portrait on planet trade, get quest, and solve quest screens (Bluddy)

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