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deogo 03-23-2014 08:31 AM

A pack of UI/Skills/Fixes mods
Hi, guys
I've made few UI and skill mods, which you'll probably find useful
just put the mod into "Drox Operative\Assets" without unzipping it

UI mods
First of all, i recommend you to change '\Drox Operative\User\default.cfg' file
set 'zoom' and 'zoomMax' to 3 - this will allow you to zoom further, which is much better way to play
At zoom level 3 it is necessary to use mod 'EntityViewDist' if you want see more monsters/NPCs around the ship
set 'miniMapZoom' to 32 - this will make your minimap show much more info (which actually means more planets). For some reason values 32 and 16(default) only ones which work

here is a list of mods, description, and link to download
this mods does not change game mechanic in any way
Skill mods/Misc
  • Easier enhance
    The chance to add socket to the item originally very low, you may spend all you money on one item without result. I've made it a bit easier, and reduced cost a bit.
  • Improved skills - HellFire, Radiation Pulse and Invulnerability Shield
    I've found this skills too useless so i'm almost 100% sure no one will even try to use them after reading the description. So i fixed this.
    HellFire now is a bit more significant DoT which is usefull when fighting 1-2 tough enemies
    Radiation Pulse - it's an AOE DoT now which debuffs/damage enemies inside the cloud, useful for hordes of weaker enemies
    Invulnerability Shield - it basically had 1000 absorb damage value at lvl 100, 30 sec duration and 1 min cooldown. Thats a bit skimpy considering monsters at lvl 85+ deal you 500-800 dmg per hit. So now it absorb 5000 dmg at lvl 100, have 3 min cooldown and drains some energy from you while active. It looks possible to escape bad situations alive now and worth the equipment slot.
  • Improved fighter bays
    This mod makes all fighters a bit more healthy and more damaging, so now they can even kill someone accidentally. It also increase max number of bombers to 2, but reduces their max health by ~30%.
  • Fixed missile hacking
    This mod fixes originally non-working missile hacking items, which just did not react on the missiles.
    Moreover it reduces cooldown to 1.5 sec (from 10),
    It removes hit chance, because most of the items you going to find will have 0% hit chance (this modifier looks broken) or too small to even try to use it.
    However, it has a small chance not to be used and may miss the missile..
    Also, dmg % increases with item level
    And still, even with all improvements this item not looking worth of slot, but it work at least
  • Increased planet health
    Planets are weak... they often explode accidentally and do not regenerate in any understandable way. So i've made them a bit more healthy, it make game less nervous

Auto-attack script
I've searched very hard, but could not find a way to make weapons auto-attack enemies using mods.
Looks like only thing you can do about auto-attack is to kill missiles and other projectiles. That is sad.
Why may you need auto-attack feature?
  • Because it's very annoying to hold left and right mouse button 90% of the game time
  • Because max weapons count you can use is TWO - one on LMB and one on RMB.
    Sure you may always place another weapon into another slot, but then you'll need to hold three buttons instead of two, see previous reason
  • Because there is a nasty bug related to weapon speed modifiers.
    If you have component equipped which increase attack speed on all weapons - you'll not get its benefits unless you clicking mouse buttons like a crazy
    Thats it, if you keep holding mouse buttons hoping your weapon strike at the increased speed - it's not, so clear the slot for something else
    This problem makes this component useless.
  • Because auto-attack makes you looking cool
ok, so here is what you need:
- get the "6 more use slots" mod above
- get this mod
it removes "not enough energy" message and error sound when you trying to use weapon when no energy
- get this zip and unpack it wherever you want (this is not mod!)
inside you'll find two files - one .ahk and one .exe
.ahk is a source if you don't want use exe - requires autohotkey interpreter

This script requires game running in borderless of windowed mode, otherwise it will not work.

1. Run game
2. Run script
3. Once in game - press alt+e to enable auto-attack - it will activate those 6 new slots repeatedly
4. Press alt+x to stop script. It also stops automatically when window loose focus.

If you have skill, you may change hotkeys by modifying "6 more use slots" mod and script
Script is just sending numpad 0-5 keys to the windows everi 10ms, simple as that. So make sure you don't have anything assigned to this keys

let me know what you think :)

Yindo 03-23-2014 01:14 PM

Nice group of mods. Autorepair in a shop will be useful, though it will take months to break the habit of clicking on the repair button.

I changed the zoom a while back, very useful.

joku 04-01-2014 01:47 PM

This a a great group of mods. I particularly like the new planet menu; it saves a hell of a lot of time when you're spamming rumors.

Fantastic work.

Regarding adjusting the zoom, I like having it zoomed out more except that the draw distance doesn't seem to scale with the zoom. With the standard max zoom, I already was annoyed by things appearing and disappearing at the very edges of the screen. With the game zoomed out to 3, things are not drawn until they get to the middle of the screen. I tried modding the draw distance, but was unsuccessful. So until someone comes up with a solution to that issue, I'll stick with the standard zoom.

Adjusting the minimap, however, is very helpful. Thanks for that tip.

deogo 04-02-2014 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by joku (Post 72404)
Fantastic work.

thanks :) i'll publish some updates and more mods soon


Originally Posted by joku (Post 72404)
I tried modding the draw distance, but was unsuccessful.

i've tried to mod everything i thought may be connected to this issue, but nothing seems working for me either, alas
it's probably hard coded or well hidden :D

Shadow 04-02-2014 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by deogo (Post 72415)
i've tried to mod everything i thought may be connected to this issue, but nothing seems working for me either, alas
it's probably hard coded or well hidden :D

If I remember correctly you might need to change EntitySendDistX/EntitySendDistY also in systems.gdb.

joku 04-02-2014 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 72416)
If I remember correctly you might need to change EntitySendDistX/EntitySendDistY also in systems.gdb.

That did it. Thank you.

I think I overlooked that because it was under multiplayer stuff.

deogo 04-02-2014 01:53 PM

I have added few more mods, updated the others


Originally Posted by Shadow (Post 72416)
If I remember correctly you might need to change EntitySendDistX/EntitySendDistY also in systems.gdb.

thank you, it works :)

deogo 04-10-2014 09:01 AM

added auto-attack script to the bottom of the first post

Niveras 04-26-2014 08:41 AM

Just wanted to take a moment and say a hearty thanks for these mods, in particular the zoom mods. Lots of convenience upgrades in these packages.


Desticato 04-26-2014 12:21 PM

May I ask what method you're using to create the font sets? I've found some tutorials online, but it all seems more involved (and with varying results) than I'd prefer to undertake without a better idea of the quality/success of my efforts.

I've found on my 1080p monitor that the smaller versions you've created, while preferable, are a bit hard to read (at least, to these old eyes). I wanted to experiment with other fonts to see if I could find one that was a good compromise between legibility and size.

Otherwise, if you take requests, I'd be happy to nominate a third font for you to work your magic against.

Your other mods are outstanding as well, by the way. The consolidated planet screen and the auto-repair are life/timesavers.

I appreciate your dedication!

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