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Shadow 02-26-2016 12:19 PM

Zombasite patch 0.922
Patch 0.922 of Zombasite is available over on the Zombasite patch page. Changes can be read here. This patch adds zombie threat bar, makes level modifiers and quests more distinct, improves nemesis stuff, makes NPC created items better, and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

Metty 02-26-2016 09:11 PM

Became unplayable after the last update
Since the last update my Clan is always attacked from the beginning of a round. Not raided by other clans but by random enemy mobs. In just one round i went down from 250 food and 12 people to 50 food and 4 clan members. It is not possible to farm food, kill the nemesis protect the Clan and gain new Clan members at the same time anymore. I have about 2-3 minutes between attacks and then I am mostly attacked from at least two sides. I tested multiple rounds and the result was always the same. Can I somehow decrease the attack interval and does someone else experience the same?

With friendly regards,

Shadow 02-27-2016 01:05 PM

Can you email me your save game so I can figure out what is going on?

Crisses 02-27-2016 02:24 PM

Tried out a loner character:

Clan Lose screen says "You will lose this area if all your followers die!" in big red letters.

"Can now send out an expedition" -- doesn't make much sense for a loner.

Unrelated to Loner:

Night Clan Desert Stalkers with Shuriken seem to be having a problem hitting me. Not all the time, but I'll be hitting them with Shuriken, but they're blocked by things like bushes and dead bodies on the ground. Not that I want to get hit, mind you.... :)

Crisses 02-27-2016 02:47 PM

Started a new character.

So I go through the town gate, there's my nemesis. I'm level 1, I have both my clansmen with me. They both die in the first battle with him, I've got a bow so I'm able to pick off some of the reinforcements. He keeps bringing in reinforcements and drinking health potions.

I flee through the gate, and I go back and start from town. Guess what? The town gate brings me right back to the same corridor in which I was trapped with my nemesis. I'm level 2 now, but he's still downing health potions and calling in reinforcements faster than I can kill them, and I have under 10 minutes to find a follower.... hrm.

He should have a timer on how often he can call in reinforcements. Or something. A limit on the number of health potions? Or be banned from being in that first area?

Metty 02-27-2016 02:58 PM

May have been a Bug
I don`t think it was because of NPCs summoning followers, because there were about 4-5 gates that spawned enemies. I tried to play again today and it worked just fine. The enemy waves were acceptable again, nothing to worry about. My guess is that it might have been similar to the bug where an NPC (enemy) taunts me every second and won`t stop. Do the waves have a cooldown and maximum number of gates that can be summoned at a time?

Crisses 02-27-2016 04:17 PM

The increased pace and additional town attacks are challenging -- They should be balanced with the townsfolk being a lot more proactive when they're on the normal setting. It's hard to think the town would be under attack and they just continue to go about their usual business without the hero coming back home.

When I actively put people on guard, it should be sufficient to get them to run around looking for attackers and at least attempting to take them out, no?

Metty 02-27-2016 04:42 PM

My suggestion for the guards would be to give the player a choice between inside protection (to protect working and relaxing guys) and the command to patrol the outside of the encampment (so they can destroy the gates). Then equipping the Guards and repairing would be more enjoyable, because you could have a few powerful guards patrolling the outside and weaker guards defending people inside.

Challenging is great, but after one hour of nonstop attacks and about 6 out of 8 NPC clans were killed by monsters it just became somewhat depressing. Maybe I was just unlucky or a PC restart did it`s job :D

Crisses 02-27-2016 09:30 PM

Wishing well didn't repair my alternate weapon.

Kelsey poisoned herself -- so I had to run around on a timer, and find the clue in town. I should have let her die ;)

You can give unidentified items to your clan members.

The pace of the game is huge. Because of the paths through areas not connecting in a logical way, I was level 6 trying to get through a level 9-10 area (after going through through a dead town around level 8) to get to the other areas that were my level with quests I needed to tackle. Lost a half dozen clan members to infighting, unhappiness for being on guard duty, and in my party trying to get through higher levels with no gates nearby to keep running back to town and fix invasions.

Certainly more challenging. May need to pull back the zombie attack timer or something -- shouldn't be this challenging for a starting character. Or like I said before, the NPCs need to be a lot smarter. Or maybe a tad tougher.

A way to put out fires would be nice. Do ice storms/ice traps, etc. work?

Shadaaaa 02-28-2016 11:22 AM

Not sure since when its like this, but Arcane Swarms projectiles targets fire/ice/puddles/poison gas on floors. It makes them pretty much useless on areas where fire is spreading.

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