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m0stly_harmless 02-22-2011 01:17 PM

Here's one that needs to be fixed... (I'm currently trying a new hybrid.)

The Archer:

- Multiple arrow shot. The angle that (from left to right, aiming up) that the arrows come out is not equal. The first and second arrows seem ok (looks like a 330 Degree, 0 Degree), that third one almost comes out at a 90 degree angle to the second (middle) one <- this one needs to be made to be 30 Degree to make it a "coned" spread. This makes for a very awkward way to clear a room, not to mention that it wastes a shot in 90% of the circumstances.

- The cone spread should be made a little narrower. Perhaps a 30 to 35 Degree spread from center on both sides.

**** We still need to improve the BOW drops (and DPS for said bow in relation to their requirements.).


EDIT: Seems that depending on the aiming angle of the character, the angle of the outside shot does a 90 degree thing - seems that either of the outside shots take their turn doing the 90 degree thing. Programming miscalculation?

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