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bubblersz 08-31-2019 08:32 AM

I bought Zombasite on Steam a long time ago and i bought for my 2 freinds as well, we saw huge update and we was like we should get back into it and we was playing and gotten pretty far till lvl 8, and apparently when one of my friend gets raided i crash, we done this like alot of times and reseted like 5 times but every time they get raided i crash and server crashes, i also made them host and it does the same thing, we all live in hawaii so theres no issue about connections either. idk if its a bug or something you guys could fix? we really want to play the game :(

Shadow 09-02-2019 01:22 PM

I believe I actually have this fixed now, I just need to find some time to release another Zombasite patch soon.

bubblersz 09-03-2019 07:02 AM

Thanks! sure hope to play wtih them! i love this game alot :o

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